The Coffee Break. 12 October 2013.

Well this is interesting: the character Zero from Borderlands 2 is surprisingly fun to play. Over the past week there has been a shift in game play from the technician/ support classes, to a more precision-sniper play style. Currently in Planetside 2 the preferred class is the Infiltrator, and in Borderlands 2 this translates into the character Zero who is an assassin by trade according to the lore. What is interesting is there is a certain sense of satisfaction with being able to make that critical hit kill shot with a scoped rifle, and it is this sense of satisfaction and sense of superiority that has led to the use of these two classes from two different games. Though there probably was a hint of an interest in this style of game play when – in a previous post on this blog – it was mentioned that the bolt action rifle was surprisingly fun to play with, and that the realistic game play of Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 was appealing in its own right.


Though Planetside 2 tends to have the scoped mode sway just a bit more than Borderlands 2, and so timing the shot alongside holding the character’s breath is a challenge. Head shots are almost impossible in Planetside 2, but it is the feeling of using a bolt action rifle that keeps the player invested in practice and continual use of the class. Now does this mean that the Commando Axton will not see his own review similar to the Gunzerker? No not exactly, the review will appear on the blog sometime in the near future. Right now Zero is the most played character on the list, but Axton has been thoroughly tested and a good impression is available so there is a good chance there will be an Axton review – so to speak – coming to this blog soon. Gaige the Mechromancer will also get her own review; though now that Gaige is mentioned, it would be ideal to collect Axton and Gaige into a single piece titled “minion master” as both characters tend to deploy a sort of “minion” as it were to aid them on the battlefield. Keep up with the blog to see further updates on that subject.


Not much in the way of news today: these new glasses need to be “broken in” so to speak, so it is quite difficult to stare at a screen filled with articles for any given length of time. Therefore it is appropriate we conclude this coffee break for the 12th of October 2013. Stay tuned for a minion master review featuring Axton and Gaige; but until then, we shall see you next time.


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