The Coffee Break. 16 October 2013.

They gave me a flamethrower: Guild Wars 2, gave me a flamethrower with my engineer class. This fire-spewing weapon is amazing, and running through the lush vegetation, sort of gives off a vibe that I have somehow ended up in a Vietnam-sort of scenario (humor intended). After the game was purchased and installed, the main objective was to acquire the flamethrower; now that the flamer (to shorten things up a bit) has been acquired, a new dawn approaches! One that includes fire and retribution, for none shall be spared the judgement of the all-powerful flamethrower!


This also means that the sniper-high as it were, has come to an end. While playing as a sniper class has its moments, the flamethrower now dominates the psyche as the engineer character runs around Tyria lighting everything on fire with the flick of a rudimentary switch. Thus far Guild Wars 2 is an impressive game: the art assets are visually stunning, and the game play mechanics is quite smooth and easy to learn. The only downside that exists currently is that you cannot put way points on the map – though this feature might be in the game, and has not been discovered yet. The art assets however – as we go into details here – make classical art, and to a large extent modern art, look like child’s play. There is something respectable about video game art design in that – like cooking – the artwork is functional. Players can experience the art, rather than stare at it from a distance on a bench that has no back rest in some gallery that probably stinks of oil, paint, and coffee.

Guild Wars 2

While Guild Wars 2 is doing well, Warhammer Online is not doing so well at this current time. Earlier in the fall Mythic Entertaiment released a statement saying that they will be shutting down Warhammer Online this December after five long years of success. The statement goes on to say how Games Workshop and Mythic have decided to part ways, citing differences within the company’s vision of the future. While this is sad news indeed as the Warhammer fantasy franchise is one of the more interesting, and lore-intensive franchises, companies come and go, and people move on. The link to the PC Gamer article is located at the bottom of this paragraph.

Alright folks, sorry to cut this short but I need to return to Tyria. The flamethrower requires my manly touch, and well – to be honest – that Moa bird looked at me funny, so I need to turn it into a giant turkey. Thank you all for reading; hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I will see you next time.


If you missed the last edition of The Coffee Break, the link to that article is located below:


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