This is totally unacceptable.

Right so Totalbiscuit has posted a video discussing how a particular developer has lashed out at his channel, and that they have proceeded to use Youtube’s copyright strike system to take down the video criticizing their game. Now the developer mentioned in their take down that Totalbiscuit does not have the right to monetize using their material, despite the fact that Totalbiscuit did – in written form – express his interest to gain a copy of that particular game for the purposes of critique, and to also monetize the video as well. The developer has since been able to take down Totalbiscuit’s Youtube video, and it remains down despite the fact that other critique videos are still up and fully viewable – by other channels.

This abuse of the system is highlighted in Totalbiscuit’s video which I will link below. Now when it comes to criticism and free speech, it is one of our most cherished liberties as Westerners: to be able to criticize something – anything – in the name of making it better is the bread and butter of what we stand for in this society. Now I am aware of the potential can of worms that can be opened with that previous statement, but you readers are smart, and you understand what I mean with regards to constructive criticism. The right to this took centuries to develop, and at a time when even criticizing religion, was punishable by death. People worked hard to get this liberty installed in our every day lives, and it upsets me when an Indie developer goes about taking down critiques of their game, just so they can sell more copies.

Sooner or later the free market will find out, and all of a sudden that game that sold modestly well, will drop off the grid and into the abyss. When people see that a product is garbage, they will not buy it. Totalbiscuit does this sort of critique work for a living, and his work protects us consumers from bad products. Ultimately this sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable, and there needs to be some serious review by Google into how they go about protecting a company’s copyright, and their partners who – I might add – make quality content that has changed the face of media and the games industry. Should commentators like Totalbiscuit disappear from time, we will be in some serious trouble; we will be at the mercy of companies like the one that produced Day One, who will silence all opposition, and continue to feed us garbage titles because we cannot see that it is rubbish before we put down our hard earned money to play it. Thank you for reading, and I shall see you next time.
The video by Totalbiscuit:


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