Update. 23 October 2013

Midnight; and here it is, being posted at midnight. Hello folks, just a quick update to let you know what is going on with the blog, and possibly what to expect soon here on Thoughts and Topics. Examinations take a lot of concentration and energy to complete, and so most of the time available was spent studying up for the several exams I have, or had these past few days. This has taken away some of the time that was supposed to be spent writing, and instead was spent on reviewing formulas like standard deviation, mean of means, etc. Thankfully that is over, and with only a bit more work left, I can return to my favourite activity: writing.

While studying, the spare time that was available was mostly spent on gaming; key reason being that sometimes you just need to play on your down time. Ultimately when it comes to writing, it is work, no matter how one puts it, and there are some days where you just do not have the interest to write, nor the materials needed to craft a worth wile piece. Every writer has their ups and downs; though do expect the Axton and Gaige review to appear sometime in the near future. Those two characters I have found were quite enjoyable to play, and the tactics of deploying either the sentry turret, or the floating robot Deathtrap has helped me practice for my currently game and class; Guild Wars 2, and Engineer. Though my Engineer is a flamethrower-wielding tank, the tactical deployment of the turrets – both healing and ranged – were instrumental in aiding my fellow players when it came to both boss fights, and mission quests.

Aside from that, there really is not much else to go on about. There was this one video I found on Youtube by VICE news detailing marriage by kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan. Now that topic is fairly interesting, though it is almost certain that I will condemn such a practice as it is seen – by me at least – to be not only primitive, but somewhat barbaric as well. Honestly, that topic will probably be avoided just because it probably will turn into a one-sided criticism of such a practice; though it is tempting to go on about such an event. The world is a dangerous place in some regions my dear readers: anyways I hope this update has helped to keep you up to speed on what is going on with this blog. Thank you all for reading, and I shall see you next time.


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