The Coffee Break. 30 October 2013

Hello folks, and welcome to the coffee break for the 30th of October 2013. Today we will be looking at a Vancouver company that wishes to start a tend of micro homes which are around 160 square feet in size, and sold for under 25,000.00 United States Dollars. Now the first issue I can see with these homes is that they are “temporary” in the sense that once an individual gets married, and/or has a family, this home will become obsolete so to speak. 160 Square feet is definitely not enough space to accommodate a small family of two adults and one to three kids – with more if the parents wish to have more.

One can say that the individual can just move their house into the backyard of their new dwelling: remember that there are certain restrictions to what you can and cannot have on your own property, and only if you have the space to do so. Currently town homes are built with small backyards, thereby being incapable of housing this 160 square feet living unit, and single homes are only affordable if far from the city center: assuming of course that the individual is young (younger than 40 years of age), and wishes to live near the downtown core in the Canadian context.


Property taxes comes to mind when the idea of moving it to another location pops into the circle. Indeed one can simply move it to an abandoned farm, buy a small plot, and set it up. However there are bylaws that keep the farmland as strictly farmland, thereby prevent such actions, and even if you are not living in the housing unit, here in Canada we pay property taxes, and since the housing unit will be sitting on land, you pay taxes. Therefore unless the individual wishes to move their home into the lake or ocean – further putting their investment at risk – they will have to either sell it, or cough up the funds for the property tax for the respective municipality.

This may seem grim and put off people looking into buying a micro home, but remember that as a piece of affordable housing, this concept is not entirely garbage. Indeed when an individual is single, they can live in one of these units and still enjoy all the comforts of living in a condo, minus the height and noisy tenants. Couples could in fact live in one of these units as well, though it might be a little cramped, and they will need to discuss how to allocate living space for clothes, electronics, and other accessories when looking at a unit for sale.

Certainly there are a lot of downsides to these micro homes, but the concept is in the prototype testing phase, thus the designers could make something slightly bigger – though it would cost a bit more – in order to accommodate the buyer’s needs. The article will be linked at the end of this piece: have a look folks for this is an interesting idea, and certainly with regards to making use of limited space in places like Hong Kong and Singapore, the concept could help solve the housing issue alongside high rises and basement units. Thank you all for reading, and I will see you next time.

If you missed the previous coffee break, the link to the article is located below:

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