Update. 3 November 2013

Utterly exhausted, and strangely excited, is what best describes the current mood. Over the past couple of days, the character Krieg the Psycho from Borderlands 2 has been put through the usual gauntlet of obstacles to determine whether or not it he is worth the DLC cost and time. Thus far the play style of Krieg is immensely entertaining; causing myself to often pour in hours at a time as Krieg – which is quite normal for characters that peak my interest.


The play style of Krieg is all about going on the offensive – ranged and melee – and never stopping, which is why there is a certain level of excitement in the air – in contrast to the other characters that warrant a tactical approach to things, Salvador included to a lesser extent. Now with that said, onto the exhausted portion of the update: helping friends move from one home to another is taxing physically as well as mentally. When John Bain – also known as Totalbiscuit – states that moving can be stressful, he is not entirely wrong. The amount of time and energy needed to shift items to and from locations can eat up an entire day, with unpacking the items expected to take even more time as the night draws on. Thankfully the unpacking portion is left to my friends, but ultimately I do not envy them. Conclusion: I will sit here in my comfy base of operations and only move – that is from one home to another – when necessary. None of this jumping around the country nonsense, not on my watch.


Now how does this affect you folks here on Thoughts and Topics? Well, as many of you are aware, there has been a lack of content these past few days, due to the above activities mentioned. Yes I have been digging through Krieg, and yes I have been helping friends move, which all contribute to a lack of blog content. That and there really has not been a whole lot of news interesting enough for me to cover. Though I suppose many of you are wondering if I will ever do some sort of review on Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag: the answer is no. There is just not enough interest on my end to cover the title, and since it is a relatively new release, it is going to cost quite a bit. Plus the game might have some bugs and glitches that needs to be smoothed out before any sort of review is attempted, therefore the waiting game shall commence, and you my dear readers will be patient. Patient readers are disciplined, and therefore respectable, in contrast to the Youtube comments and their subsequent “audience” if you prefer (humor intended).


Anyways folks, just thought I would give you a sort of update on the current status of things. Krieg the Psycho will be getting his review sometime in the near future, and hopefully this evening I will be able to get some decent sleep. Thank you all for reading, and I shall see you next time.

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