The Coffee Break. 5 November 2013

Minecraft is about to get a live streaming function, or so says’s article posted on the 2nd of November. According to the article, during the Florida MineCon, Twitch TV – the live streaming website dedicated to gaming live streams – announced that it would be bringing the broadcasting feature to the PC and Mac versions of Minecraft. The article goes on to quote the spokesperson – or what I assume to be the spokesperson – who represents Twitch and what their vision is for the near future.

Minecraft with live streaming; I vaguely recall the gaming community already using third party software – Fraps for example – to capture video footage while playing Minecraft. Now the concept of having an in-game video live streaming is quite nice for a game that is very popular with consumers, but is adding in a video streaming program to the game really necessary? Youtubers have already been recording footage with third party programs that can be – in many cases – better than the soon-to-be-released infrastructure proposed by Twitch TV. Funny how they wish to introduce live streaming to Minecraft, and not Starcraft 2 – of whom many of the tournaments are live streamed across the globe from either North America, or Korea – to summarize the results into a nutshell.


Ultimately the idea is a step in the right direction as content producers on Twitch will have ease of access to the game, and this could also help the company of Minecraft generate more revenue – not that they ever needed it to begin with. However there will be potential problems with the new feature in the form of bugs and glitches in the first few months of release; here’s hoping that they can resolve the issue before release so that content producers can go straight to streaming with little to no difficulty. You can read the rather brief article in the link below:

Alright onto some interesting discussion: Role Playing games and how they can survive into the future. With programs such as Skype and Twitch, role playing games like Dark Heresy or Dungeons and Dragons can – with some adjustments – survive into the future without having to suffer some losses to their market share as video games continue to dominate the interactive entertainment industry. How I can see this occurring is that these role playing games will provide a site in which players can access – after they have purchased the book with the various codes – and use the infrastructure to go about their scenarios and games with friends. The example I have to use is the roll play of Dark Heresy – a Warhammer 40,000 role play – done by the channel itmeJP. Now the role play game itself might seem a bit boring at first, but it does pick up after a while with all players fully interacting over webcam as they would in a game shop environment. This sort of mix of ‘old and new’ is something I might actually start doing – that is if I can find a group of friends to play the game, or who have the time to play in the first place. Definitely something new to do while you are socializing with pals online; alongside video games are a host of paper-based role playing games that are great for developing the imagination as the player must think of what to do in a given scenario within the game, rather than simply always pulling the trigger ( which is still a viable option in case you were that sort of psychotic murderer). Anyways the playlist will be linked below this paragraph so go check it out: do not be scared by the length of the videos, role playing games usually behave in such a manner.


Alright that about wraps things up for me: thank you all for reading, and I will see you next time.

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