The Coffee Break. 5 November 2013

Hello folks;

Well after watching Totalbiscuit play Call of Duty Ghosts, I think I can safely say that I will be avoiding another edition of the COD franchise for another year in a row. Thus far the only COD game I have purchased was Modern Warfare 2 back in 2010 when it was somewhat interesting. Now the company that publishes the game just keeps on spitting out the same old title year after year with – maybe – a new gun or two just to spice things up. With that aside though, let us get into the serious aspect of things: why I am avoiding the title.

Firstly it has to do with money: pricing of the title at 60 dollars makes me less likely to buy the bloody thing when it comes onto the market as 60 dollars can mean another Leman Russ tank for my Imperial Guard army, several plates of Udon noodles, or a lap dance (sorry parents you will have to read this one without the kids this time). Steam games also come to mind when talking about 60 dollar price points; great titles like Terraria have been sitting below 60 dollars since release day, with other great titles like Skyrim steadily dropping in price to attract more players and to gain more sales. Longevity is the concept here, and Activision spitting out a new Call of Duty per year is similar to trashy tabloid magazines who spew forth content every week; psychotically stalking celebrities until they get slammed in the face by the bodyguard, or have a restraining order sent to them by the district courts.


Readers, this game is no different than the previous Call of Duty game: though the story arc may be different, but America in the COD series has been an underdog before. The idea that Activision was trumpeting that as a new feature is laughable at best; Modern Warfare 2, America gets invaded by Russia – underdog scenario. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, America needs to fight back, despite having her entire eastern seaboard decimated by the Russian fleet. Just because the United States had the strength to fight, does not mean it would not suffer setbacks, thus it has been in an underdog position. Making that one of your attractive features is pathetic at best, and it shows.

Now the video by TB showcases multiplayer, which for the love of the god Emperor looks exactly the same – and I am not exaggerating – as my Modern Warfare 2. Hell I just loaded up the game earlier today and stood there starring at a wall for a good few minutes; it looks the same. There would be no difference if I simply went and continued to play my Modern Warfare 2; the only thing I am missing is the story arc – if I wanted to play it for the campaign.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is probably worth more of my time than this title, and it is significantly cheaper now that it has been aged. Activision, you do not spew forth titles every year expecting that your market will grow. People can get bored of anything given enough time, and or saturation, therefore if you want to see the COD franchise survive for the next generation, look for something new and interesting to do okay?


That said, Activision is mainly targeting console gamers with their strategy, as the game itself is poorly ported over to the PC, and players might get slightly motion-sick when fighting in multiplayer. The game itself was designed for televisions, and it shows as the game is locked at a certain frame rate, with nothing to change it beyond the pre-set rate. Now folks if you are wishing to purchase the game, this entire piece will not stop you. Just be aware however, you might want to get the title on console instead of PC due to the fact that customization options on PC is almost non-existent, and you could get motion-sick from playing the game. Now as for everyone else who is more interested in PC gaming, go onto Steam, and find something else – like Battlefield Bad Company 2 – to play. Heck even try out Battlefield 4 if you are interested; DICE did a good job with the level design, so you will not be disappointed. However do be careful as it is only a short time after launch, and you will want to wait a bit for the servers to be fixed and the population to be spread out over different maps. Otherwise do expect some lag and connection issues: just some of the wonderful things we have to deal with as PC gamers. Anyways folks that’s it for today: thank you all for reading, and I will see you next time.


Missed the last coffee break?

Totalbiscuit and his thoughts on Call of Duty Ghosts:


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