The Red Cross and their lack of common sense.

Now this is a bit of old news, but sometime ago the Red Cross was calling for the punishment gamers for committing “war crimes” while in-game. The sheer amount of stupidity involved in that was just mind-boggling as the Red Cross are typically smart people who have a genuine interest in helping to make the world a better place. Instead what do they do? They decide that it is time to go after gamers because they “seem” to be committing “war crimes,” and then proceed to advocate for war crime laws – so to speak – to be extended into the virtual world.

What, did a member of the Red Cross go online to find people T-bagging each other on Halo offensive? Did this member get killed often because of their inability to even master the basic controls of the game in order to enjoy this piece of media? This sort of behaviour from a respected organization is utterly unacceptable. Games like ArmA, America’s Army, and various other more “realistic” titles do in fact teach the rules of war to players, whereas less serious games like Call of Duty (sorry folks, but COD is not realistic, as much as Activision would like you to believe) are exactly as written on the tin: less serious games. Sure the gamers may take gun mechanics as fact, for many of the fire arms in games like COD exist in reality, but this sort of guess work done by the Red Cross is just unthinkable. Gamers know the games are just fantasies; fictional universes or semi-fictional universes – in the case of near future story arcs – are not real.

What about the developers, would they not also be punished for “authorizing war crimes to take place?” What, you’re just going to punish gamers because they are on the sharp end of the stick? Did you just morph into Fox News over there?

Not only am I disappointed in their actions, even though months have passed since this story broke out – and yes you can say it is repressed memories (humor intended) – but I still cannot believe what I read on the news sites around the net. Thankfully – hopefully – no one has taken them seriously, because if they did, then we would see a massive amount of censorship come to the internet, and to the gaming community as a whole. Governments would be given a free-pass to push through sweeping legislation that violates our rights as citizens, and in turn force us to go backwards, rather than forwards.

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