The Coffee Break. 22 November 2013

Hello folks;

Two interesting articles I have extracted that might be of some “use” to me for this edition of the Coffee Break: there is now a crowd-funded “assassination market” using Bitcoins to finance assassinations, and anti-abortion crazies wish to kidnap women on their way to abortion clinics to “convince” them to not abort.

Well it now feels like Skyrim, except the Dark Brotherhood on this planet does not just kill anyone for pay. Indeed there is now a crowd-funded assassination market or program in which people contribute anonymously using Bitcoins to have a public figure assassinated. The article from Elite Daily tells of how an anarchist wishes to destroy all governments everywhere by assassinating enough politicians so that people are afraid to run for public office.

Now the rest of the article details what this anarchist fellow told Forbes magazine, but good heavens people, you really want to kill political leaders over a disagreement? Certainly killing is necessary at points in history – at points in history – but the power of steel and cannon should never be thrown around like it was candy or sugar. Hopefully the police departments will be on this case soon because there are people who run for office who are interested in helping the nation, and not for sole personal gain. Who will you look to when no one is willing to collectively pool resources together to make a better future for us all? Will minority-rights exist when there is no authority to enforce them?
There is no such thing as a utopia, and this individual is delusional as is the rest of those folks who love to be part of any extremist movements.

Yet even though this anarchist started this site, there are many other sites on the dark net where people secretly pool resources to have officials assassinated. This is not a new phenomenon as many politicians in the past have been brought down by the assassin’s blade, and the threat of assassination is always present within our society – so long as there is different points of view on various subjects. Now the ramifications of such a site existing on the internet is that the governments of various countries could potentially use this as an excuse to censor the internet – harming us all – and in the case of the US, possibly take away their right to bear arms – a fundamental freedom in the United States. Not only is this anarchist fellow quite delusional, but he can potentially harm the very thing that makes life in this century worth living; the internet may never be the same afterwards if level-headed people fail to prevent censorship, or such an extremist from achieving their wildest dreams.

‘Reality’ ladies and gentlemen; this is why I like to play video games and do my own things like write. You can find the full article in the link below.
Now how do you prevent someone from getting an abortion? Apparently the answer is to abduct them and convince them not to kill the child according to this Elite Daily article. Down in Texas, the Abolish Human Abortion is receiving pressure from a super-religious group to pose as volunteers, according to Elite Daily, so that they may abduct women while ‘ferrying’ them to an abortion clinic. Now when asked by the media, Abolish Human Abortion has denied such ideas and points the finger towards Pro-Choice groups that wish to slander their image. This debate of pro-life, pro-choice is an interesting scenario to observe as both groups are more than happy to go at each others’ throats for the sake of public opinion and self-promotion. Again let us hope the police are looking into this phenomenon as well, because people should be able to make up their own minds – whether it is in support of pro-life, or pro-choice. No one has the right to force an opinion upon someone else, especially when it comes to using coercive tactics like kidnapping. This makes them no better than sanctimonious students who actively shout down opposing views because they do not see them as “progressive.”

How I fear what we are becoming; with the end of one problem, ten more take its place. Now does this mean I have no faith in humanity? No it does not, but what does it entail? The level-headed citizens in the various nations need to fight hard to overcome such insanity, for this can only lead us into a vicious circle of never-ending “conflict” dare I say. The link to this story is located below this paragraph.

Well this edition of the coffee break is very depressing; apologies folks. Sometimes I pop my head out of the province of Skyrim – and homework – to take a peak at what is going on out there in the real world. Some things I see give me hope, others make me want to return to Skyrim and continue on my Dark Brotherhood quest line – I’m currently using a mod that lets me bypass the main quest so that I can solely do the side missions like the civil war, or in the case of my Argonian, an assassin.
Skyrim is beautiful this time of year, though I do wish that the Seasons of Skyrim project would upload their winter edition mod to the Workshop on Steam; I just do not feel comfortable using the Nexus mods installer, though there may be a ‘no Dawnguard required” mod that gives me crossbows. There is something about that aspect of fantasy – vampires – that I cannot stand, and it seems unfair to force me to buy the Dawnguard DLC just so I can use the bloody crossbow – mind the pun. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed this edition of the coffee break: granted it could have been made into a gazette edition, but I am currently more interested in writing shorter pieces that require less time to compile just so I can save some time on my end to pursue other things, such as gaming. Thank you all for reading, and I will see you next time.


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