I’m back!


Good lord, I feel dirty for using a contraction. Anyways folks, yes I have returned to the world of the living; after two weeks or so of arduous mental challenge in the form of papers and examinations, I am now free to return to my writing work: thank the Emperor for that.

Now what have I been doing these past couple of weeks during my papers and examinations? Surely I have not been studying ALL of the time yes? Well this is true indeed, I have spent a bit of time playing games while taking breaks between study sessions and paper-writing. Out of the list of titles I currently have installed, four have sat at the top in terms of play time. These titles are Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout New Vegas, and recently Morrowind. However I spent most of the time modding the games, rather than roaming the vast open landscapes for I have discovered the wonderful program called Nexus (yes I know I am fairly late to the party but quiet you! It was a recent discovery for me!).

Now the modding scene for Skyrim is more active than any of the other three titles, but nonetheless the amount of mods available is astounding. Indeed one can turn their title into something – almost – completely different from the release title if they had the interest to do so, and all for free! Life as we know it is good indeed. However in all seriousness, the vast amount of mods available is refreshing, and it keeps the games going long after their release dates.

Now what else have I done since the end of my “special hell?” Well I have gotten back into Planetside 2, and Warframe. Now I did try to return to Team Fortress 2, but for some odd reason the title just would not function properly for me: the title would fail to respond when it reaches the stage of “receiving server info” or some phase of that nature. Thus I was forced to uninstall it as I am not the sort of person to have an interest to deal with faulty equipment per say; I have already sank plenty of hours into the game, and quite frankly it is boring to me now. Yet I digress, back to the meat and potatoes: Planetside 2 has not changed one bit, except for a small adjustment to their display hud.

The community has been anxiously awaiting the release of a new continent which would take the form of a swamp, but so far Sony has not lived up to its promise, and instead has pushed the update back to April – according to a few platoon members I spoke to earlier today. Now this does not mean I will leave Planetside 2 per say, but it does mean that sadly it might be shelved between weeks as I play other more interesting titles on the market; a shame really, seeing as how it had so much promise during the first few months after release.

Now onto Warframe: an interesting idea, and I like the whole “raids” concept. The idea that you are a sort of alien special forces soldier who goes on operations behind enemy lines to strike at key facilities, as well as capture information, rescue prisoners, and assassinate enemy officers is quite appealing for someone used to being a regular grunt in the field. Now I know Call of Duty places you in a pseudo-special forces environment, but in all honesty all you are is just a veteran infantry soldier. The characters you play in Warframe carry that atmosphere of “elite”: how they move, and handle combat is quite unlike anything a regular soldier will ever do in their lifetime. Indeed the graphics are good, even on low, and the game overall runs quite smoothly on a computer like mine. Definitely I am glad I gave this title a second chance, because I am not looking back – except to gather the loot I found in a broken locker, and to see if my enemy is really “dead.”

Right, so aside from that, what else have I been doing? Well news has been very slow as of late – the exception being Riot’s recent decision to ban professional players from streaming games from a select list, citing the need to maintain a professional image – and as a result there is not a whole lot to talk about. Then again it is getting close to Christmas, and things are going to slow down as we enter the holiday season, so there should not be any surprises there. Now to make up for this “loss” in production, I could do a sort of narrative series where I track my character as he serves in the Imperial Legion on Tamriel, to possibly some other minor narratives centered around the Imperial Guard from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. There is an inch – if I may be allowed the phrase – where I just want to do dialog between characters, rather than a “novel format” as I call it where I describe all of their actions and events leading up to their conversation.

Anyways folks, yes indeed it is good to be back – hopefully you all are alive and well, because if you were not, I am screwed. No audience, no subscribers, no purpose. End result, neither of us are happy, so let us continue where we left off, and I look forward to writing some more for you fine ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for reading, I will see you next time.


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