Where did the swamp map go?

Planetside 2 has not changed one bit, unfortunately. Indeed the game still has the same old “attack point, take point, lose point, and just for good measure we attack the same point again,” but it needs a fresh slice of “pizza” in a sense to liven up the place every so often. When Sony promised us a swamp-themed continent earlier in the year (now it is near the end, and it is no where to be seen) we were all hyped up about it. “Finally” some of us cried, “we will be fighting in a different environment that hopefully will add a new level of game play to the experience.” These dreams however were cruelly shattered when Sony announced that it would be pushing back the swamp continent release until next year (apparently April of next year).

Player numbers dropped, many of my friends left the game, and my outfit slowly descended into chaos as it re-structured itself over and over, dumping a lot of loyal players along the way. Thus the question arises: why am I still playing this game? Already I have uninstalled/reinstalled it once, but after today’s alert, I just felt like I wasted a good two hours or so engaging the NC over a tower out in the middle of nowhere on Indar. The outfit of which I was part of has disappeared, seeking to go exclusive, and the platoons I joined lacked the camaraderie that existed with my previous outfit.


Though in retrospect, I suppose the reason why I remain with Planetside 2 is because I have invested a fair bit of money into the game via micro-transactions, and am therefore hesitant to simply cast it aside. The camaraderie felt when fighting alongside the outfit members was enhanced further by the weapon options I unlocked for myself when I paid for a few weapon types. Yet I digress; the point I am trying to make here is that the game needs this new continent to be installed soon in order for the player base to want to continue on playing. Sure the game wants to simulate a massive war, and indeed half of the time in real wars soldiers are waiting for the next action, and or a firefight can last for hours of which the trooper might be crouched behind a rock waiting for the opportune moment to strike, but even so there are dynamic events that occur in a campaign that – and I hate to say this because it really is not “interesting” or “cool” in reality but here goes – livens up the place. Recovering a downed pilot, or even a black box could make the campaigns on Indar, Esamir, and Amerish all that more enjoyable.

However the concept of the game is to take objectives, and hold them for as long as possible. Fair enough, but where are the civilians then? Not to shoot at for our enjoyment, but to make the place feel “organic,” and give the soldiers a sense of life when they drive through the place. Granted the game might suddenly spike in lag issues for many players if NPCs were added into the mix, but what about civilian structures popping up here and there when a place is taken, rather than the same old research facility, or bio lab, or air pad.

People fight for the Terran Republic to preserve security and order on Auraxis, yet all we are fighting for it seems is a planet riddled with research facilities, and no colonists. Therefore it leaves us to conclude that we are fighting over technology, and dirt: Sony has just taken a dump all over its back story for the TR and the NC – the Vanu would fit right in for this scenario.

Swamp lands: narrow pathways, jungle vegetation, and facilities half buried in mud and grime but contain information vital to the war effort on Auraxis. Now that is an idea one can get behind. Sadly however Sony has pushed it to April, and as such we will just have to wait and see if they will live up to their promises. Planetside 2 needs this new continent, otherwise more and more people will leave the title, and eventually Sony could shut it down seeing it as a failed endeavour. When that happens, if that happens, we will have lost a decent title to the hordes, and Call of Duty will once again puke out another release to swallow up the survivors of the Planetside 2 wreckage.


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