My gun’s jammed!

Well folks, I think I have found new love. No Planetside 2 has not released their swamp map yet, so that game gets shelved until further notice. No the “new love” is a title called War Thunder which has gotten quite a bit of attention from this end as of late. Now when War Thunder was first “discovered,” it was from BohemianEagle’s youtube page. Over time as the videos were watched, there was a certain level of interest directed towards the game, and seeing it on Steam, I gave it a try. The end result: I like it a lot.

Thus far the combat in the game is amazing. The air-to-air combat featuring interwar planes to World War 2 planes is just a blast to engage in, and the entertainment value is quite high; provided you are willing to tolerate crashing into a mountain side on a foggy map, or run into a friend who decided that it was cool to “fist-bump” you with his wing, sending you spiraling down into the abyss (this happened to me by the way).

Now the game itself is not finished, but Gaijin Entertainment have lived up to their word, and the ground module is now in its closed beta testing phase according to their website. Now you can get into the closed beta by purchasing a tank pack from their site, but without the liberty to report on the situation it might not prove too attractive for youtubers or bloggers such as myself – though I may invest in it anyways just to play through the closed beta module and get used to the vehicular combat. Now the only module available so far is the air combat module, with certain planes available via purchase, and others available via in-game unlock through earning ‘lions’ as they are called.

Now Gaijin Entertainment have announced that War Thunder will comprise land, air, and sea warfare all in one neat little package. The thing that is most interesting is that Gaijin have so far been able to live up to their promises – in sharp contrast to Sony Entertainment – and are continuing to improve and develop this free to play (yes folks, FREE to play) title as time progresses. Ultimately this game is quite good for someone looking for a air, ground, or naval combat simulator; it works quite well and is not too demanding on a standard 512MB VRAM graphics processor – the minimum is estimated to be around 256 MB of VRAM according to the google search on the minimum graphics card. Definitely give it a try folks; this title is definitely worth your time and effort, with possibly a purchase or two here and there to help finance the developers as they continue to work on this project. Keep in mind however that the naval combat module is at least a good twelve months – minimum – away from their open beta phase, so until then you can enjoy the air module, and when the ground module comes out, that too.

Now if you will excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I have some enemy warplanes to shoot down and even the score. They got me several times earlier before I wrote this piece, thus I intend to “fix” the scores. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time.


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