Degenerate Driver

To the degenerate driver who decided it was “cool” to finger my vehicle as they drove past;

Should you wish to pass, go ahead. There is absolutely no need to give people the gesture when you pass them. It is entirely your fault you lack the patience that everyone else has, and wish to end your life so suddenly. No one else should have to tolerate your behaviour when they are on their way to work, or to a meeting. The behaviour you display is exactly the reason why we need protective services like the police, the ambulance service, etc. Your display makes the entire species look bad, and it shows a level of ugliness to drivers who are otherwise normal, sane individuals.

Speeding is not only dangerous, it is reckless, and displaying such careless behaviour, not to mention rather aggressive as well, is an embarrassment to your parents, and to your whole country. When you step outside our borders, and go to places like Singapore, you will wish you had corrected your behaviour when you are arrested, jailed, and caned for such behaviour. You can cry diplomatic protection all you like, but not even the prime minister’s office can prevent a nation from whipping you for such behaviour.

You are a byproduct of too much freedom. Self expression should have limits, and for most it does. However in your case, you think that just because you are a Canadian, you are free to offend other people because “you only live once.” Newsflash child, you are not the only one living on this earth.

The next time you display such behaviour, hopefully you will be pulled aside, and ticketed for such animalistic tendencies. Should you then lash out, you deserve to sit in a cell for a period of 72 hours to think and ponder over what you have done – if you even possess the cognitive capacity to do so.

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