Tanks and Imperials

Well look at what we have here, another year has come and gone. Gaming is about to get a whole lot better on the PC side with Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous; however both pale in comparison to the Ground Combat Module or GCM – to make life easier for me – on War Thunder (humor intended). Now with the NDA partially lifted, I can now speak – though within the NDA’s limits – on the situation with the GCM in War Thunder: I cannot play it at this time because they have not optimized the software for older hardware, and that is about as far as I will go on this regard. However the footage released as part of the partial lift of the NDA paints a rather promising picture of the GCM, though a lot of World of Tanks players are “rumored” to be complaining about the game despite the fact that WoT and War Thunder are two completely different games. World of Tanks is an arcade-type tank game, whereas War Thunder wants to go the simulator route.

War Thunder Wallpaper

Now as for World of Tanks, I have been able to play that game; it ties me over until the beautiful GCM is made available to us venerable machines. Now thus far I am quite satisfied with how the arcade-type battles take place in World of Tanks. The vehicles in the starting line-up – as those are the only ones I have access to at this time – sound, look, and feel authentic, minus the whole simulator aspect. Yet a player will notice that WoT is an arcade game when they look at its interface as it is very much geared towards casual players with little to no emphasis on realism – which is fine. After all I want to spin up WoT to have fun with vehicles from the second world war era, and not have to worry about shifting gears, or my tracks being jammed with rocks and I have to abandon the vehicle to the enemy. Now there are a lot of tanks in the game, and rightfully so given the amount of time it has been on the market. Still, I wonder what wonderful things I am missing while I wait for the hardware support updates for the GCM in War Thunder to be released: they did mention on their site that the support software will come in at a later date, to which I will wait patiently until that day comes.

Now some of you do not care about tanks, rather you came here because I said “Imperials.” Unfortunately I am not talking about the Imperium of Man this time – rather my Imperials reference is to the Sith Empire from Star Wars The Old Republic. Roughly two to three years ago this game popped onto the market as a subscription-based MMORPG, and since that time it has gone free-to-play with micro-transactions. Now there is no barrier between the singleplayer content and the F2P accounts, though you may have to do a couple extra side quests to be up to the level for a particular mission. The actual restrictions do little to hinder the players’ experience, but do encourage either subscriptions, or micro-transactions (crazy people do both – the good kind of crazy). Being the person that I am, I went with the Imperial Agent – James Bond-like storyline, and all the shiny militaristic environments you can ever ask for in a game. Thus far I have not been disappointed as the story arc for the Imperial Agent is relatively well written, and the single player content alone can keep you playing this game for hours upon hours on end.


Overall these two games, World of Tanks and The Old Republic, is where I have been spending my time. Both games are free to play, and both offer quite a bit of content for someone looking to start a new game, and offers additional content in which the player can purchase once they are in the swing of things. Now if you folks will excuse me, I have to work on my Imperial Agent some more so that I can fully explore the Galaxy: which by the way does cost credits, (in-game currency, found on loot drops etc) even though you are using your own star ship which you get after the prologue missions. Exploring may cost credits, but think of it as a fuel surcharge or something along those lines: yet you will be rewarded with breath-taking vistas of distant alien planets, and that is what The Old Republic is all about, in my opinion at least. Anyways folks thanks for reading this quick review and update: have a good weekend, and I shall see you next time.

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