Ugh it is too heavy sir!

Alright folks; never add a heavier gun and turret without first upgrading the suspension and engine: I ended up on the business end of several tank destroyers in a tier 3 match in World of Tanks. The stock suspensions could only take 21.5 tonnes, whereas the upgraded T49 can hold 23.5 tonnes. Engine-wise the stock Wright Continental R975C2 clocks in around 340 h.p. in contrast to the Wright R-975EC2 which spits out 400 h.p.

Now was all that worth it? Oh course it was: I can now bring to bear a 75mm Howitzer M3, rather than the stock 37mm Gun M5. Though the turret traverse speed suffers as a result, going down one point from 40 to 39. The tank to which this is referring to is the M2 Medium Tank. This tier three tank is quite the beast on the battlefield – if you use it properly of course. Now it took a bit of work before discovering that the stock suspension was not strong enough to bear the weight of the new turret and 37mm gun; as said earlier it cost me dearly as I wound up being picked off in a few tier three matches. Therefore folks, watch the weight before adding additional firepower onto your tank: you just might get a nasty surprise down the road – literally.

A review of the M2 Medium Tank will appear sometime in the near future: but until then folks, I shall see you next time.


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