The lack of responsibility and knowledge

Some people think they are all “high and mighty” when they talk about student loans. They describe it as a form of “slavery,” and drone on about how they should be forgiven for their debts and such. The thing is people, the definition of slavery is where someone is forced – FORCED – into labour with no financial compensation – or any sort of compensation for that matter. Debt is NOT forced labour, debt is done so willingly, for despite what others say you can ignore their words and forgo debt in your life – you do not need that new car, you do not need to go to university (if you did your research; keyword “post-secondary” verses “university”) and you do not need to change houses every five years. Yes indeed some people will hammer onto youth that the “only” way to succeed is to go to university (or “college” for those Americans wishing to be unique). Indeed there was a time when things were accurate, but times have changed.

What if the government decided to announce that it would ask the banks to “forgive” their debt and let them go, what would happen? Now imagine a powerhouse who decides to go to war with this nation – no bank would loan to them. The citizenry would therefore be taxed heavily to which they would – both unknowingly and knowingly – surrender their freedoms (purposely force their own government to surrender) and civic rights all so that they will not have to sweat a little, bleed a little, and cry a little. No bank would trust the said government because they did not pay back their loans to begin with, and are therefore untrustworthy.

Imagine if you decided to borrow a large lump sum of money from your parents and then turned around and said “okay, now I will not pay you back.” Most parents will either then dis-own their child, or they will never trust them again. Now if this “child” then needed money for – let’s say – to fix a leaking roof; the parents would say no because they have traded their trust for dollars.

Perhaps it would have been wise of you to choose what subject to study, and research the job market value of that subject prior to actually engaging in study: find that balance between interest and practicality. Instead what do you do as a young adult? Drink, have sex, party hard, and forget about reality. Then when you are hung over and you see your bill for EVERYTHING, you yell: “government it is your fault! I effing hate you all!”

What sort of people did we breed? What sort of sin did our nation commit for us to have youth who think they are entitled to have free university education at no expense to themselves, and who can just throw away their credit line and declare bankruptcy all so they can – what – buy that new Iphone or Ipad?

All these “woes” per se could have been avoided if they just took the time to sit down and do some research into their chosen field of study: look up whether or not it is practical, whether or not they can handle the physical and mental stresses, and whether or not they are interested in the field. Sadly they are “free” to go about doing what “they” want in life: but they also have the freedom to fail, and the freedom to learn that reality will eat them up and spit them back out if they do not smarten up.

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