M2 Medium Tank

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The M2 Medium tank: what a trill to drive. This medium tank available on the American tech tree under the tier three category came as a surprise when surfing through the tanks available to the branches of the USA tech tree. The default tank itself comes with the same look and feel (more feel than look) as the T2 Medium Tank – the T2 being a less than interesting vehicle to operate. Now where the M2 really begins to shine is when a player adds on the M2M7 Turret with the 75mm Howitzer M3, after they upgrade the suspension and engine of course, and begins to take the role of heavy gun support to the rest of the tank squadron. Indeed once the engine is upgraded to the Wright R-975EC2, and the suspensions upgraded to the T49 tracks is when the vehicle really enters its prime on the battlefield.


The play style from that point onwards changes from a bit of a ‘rush and hit strategy’ to more of a ‘sit back and snipe’ strategy. Now what is meant by this statement is that the player piloting the M2 Medium will need to hang back from the rest of the squadron and let the other vehicles advance ahead by a little before starting up the engine to follow close behind. The idea is to maximize the effectiveness of the 75mm Howitzer gun on the turret, and to ensure that the sights are zeroed in on the area you wish to fire upon. Now do not mistake the “howitzer” portion of the name – it will not behave like the self-propelled guns available in the game. What the M2 Medium with the 75mm will do is provide excellent firepower and mobility to the squadron when hunting down enemy vehicles.

However as stated previously, it is important to note that this does not make the M2 a front line battle tank; cover is still important, and even more important is teamwork in order to maximize the tank’s effectiveness on the battlefield. When the enemy is spotted, make sure you have a clear line of sight prior to engaging the target so that the gun itself will dish out the most damage once the round impacts on the enemy vehicle. Now the radio on the said M2 has not been upgraded yet, and so long as you remain with a few other vehicles there is little need to do so – you always take the support role rather than the scouting, or direct engagement role.

The horsepower produced by the Wright R-975EC2 gives enough power to quickly disengage from battle if need be, but not enough to race from one end of the map to the other in order to either capture the enemy position, or to prevent the enemy from capturing your teams’ position. Always make sure there is proper cover when you engage the enemy, because the vehicle does have a few weak spots on the sides, and on the rear portion of the vehicle. Even the front armour of the tank is not to be used as a first line of defense, rather a rock or some hard ground would serve the player better in soaking up enemy fire. Yet the tank is still an absolute blast to operate, and the gun itself makes taking out enemy medium tanks a lot easier than some of the smaller calibers available on other vehicles. The M2 Medium Tank, available now in World of Tanks under the tier three section of the USA tech tree. Thanks for reading folks, and I’ll see you next time.


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