20mm guilty pleasure.

Well, this is rather unexpected. The T1 Cunningham’s 37mm main gun was swapped out for a 20mm Hispano-Suiza Birkigt Gun, and afterwards it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Yes it was stated that the idea of machine guns on tanks would not be further entertained, yet the term “Autocannon” was left out of the equation. Enter the 20mm gun, something common on most modern day Infantry Fighting Vehicles (though they tend to be around 27mm rather than 20mm). After upgrading the T1’s engine, suspension, and radio, it was decided to play around with the different types of armaments available to the little monster. Sure enough when it came time to try out the 20mm gun there was some hesitation. After all despite being tier one tanks their armour values would render machine gun-like weaponry near useless, unless the player is directly aiming at the rear of the enemy tank.

The 20mm gun definitely turned out to be a surprise because it struck that balance between rate of fire and penetration power. Indeed an attempt was made to test out an even smaller caliber, thus the 13.2mm Hotchkiss mle. 1930 was tested on the Chinese Renault NC-31. After a few battles with the 13.2mm mounted on the NC-31 the conclusion became such that unless the player plans on doing nothing but suicide runs for every game in the tier one category, stick to 20mm guns or higher when it comes to caliber. The 13.2mm just is not strong enough to damage enemy tier one tanks, and it is terrifying when your rounds are bouncing off every angle of the enemy tank – whereas the 20mm gun does not seem to do that same trick. The good thing about the 20mm is it has just enough penetrating power to knock down the enemy tier ones, and like the forums say it cuts through tier ones like a hot knife through butter – fresh out of the fridge butter as well.

The 20mm was also seen performing in the WGLNA on Twitch TV not two days ago, and it was amazing. Now this has been a first time experience watching a major eSports tournament take place in which there was some background knowledge into what the commentators were saying, but after seeing a tier one tank in a, what appeared to be, a tier eight or nine fight, the “wow” factor kicked into play. The player took the T1 Cunningham into position to spot the enemy advancing, and to also engage the lighter enemy tanks – successfully as well. Now as far as memory goes, the T1 only engaged the other T1s on the opposing side, but it was enough to evidence to then log back onto World of Tanks and mount the 20mm gun on the Cunningham; something had to have been positive about the T1 for the player to use it in the tournament. Since then there has been little in the way of regret – thus the credits were well spent – though the same cannot be said for the 13.2mm which still took out 16oo credits. Give it a try folks, the 20mm gun on the T1: the speed and firepower will really make tier one games all that more exciting. Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.



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