Hello folks, it has been a while since we last saw a coffee break article. All those World of Tanks posts and no “real news” posts in sight; well then, let us make the first 2014 post with this article from the Vancouver Sun which talks about Australia’s offshore detention centres. The article written by Chuck Chiang of the Vancouver Sun talks about how Australia has taken a “get tough on illegal migration” stance when it comes to would-be asylum seekers and the likes. The article discusses how despite Indonesia’s objection to the Australian government towing boats into Indonesian waters, the government in Canberra, Australia’s capital, continues to have overwhelming support on the home front for this practice. What the Royal Australian Navy is doing is either towing the asylum boats to Indonesia, or to one of their offshore detention centres like Nauru, Christmas Island etc – just to clarify.

Stated earlier the citizens of Australia support the government’s actions and stance when talking about illegal migration, and why would they not? The uncontrolled movement of people and products can potentially harm a given region both socially in the form of wage standards, and the biologically in the form of new predators introduced to a given ecosystem. After all Australia does ask its allies like Singapore to spray down their tanks before shipping them into Australia for exercise so that no insects foreign to Australia would be introduced to the ecosystem, thus it has the right to ask that of anyone. Security and stability are some of the responsibilities a government has when it comes to its obligations to the citizens they represent. Indeed controlling the flow of goods and people ensures that living standards remain stable, and all persons under the Australian banner have access to resources that would otherwise dry up – in the case of water literally – and force everyone into desperation.

Uncontrolled migration is also bad for unions who are always battling with employers to pay their employees a fair wage. The truth in the matter is companies, businesses etc exist to earn a living, and/or make a profit. When there is a flood of people in a given region desperate enough to work for, sometimes literally, pennies a day, would the employer pay up to standard? Sure they can be fined and all, but with the money saved up from only giving pennies to the desperate hordes, they can then develop a practice to bribe inspectors who in turn might be desperate themselves as better qualified trainees are going through the academy and working for a fraction of what the inspector currently earns.

Uncontrolled migration can also lead to trafficking of vulnerable persons due to the fact that movement is uncontrolled and not monitored. When a person enters a given country, if they keep track of this person in a non-intrusive manner, they can see that they are a tourist, or a permanent resident looking to live with relatives – hence the importance of documentation and paperwork. Now it is not a guarantee that even with controlled migration the trafficking completely stops, but it becomes harder for traffickers to move their captives across national borders if there is a firm grip on the situation at hand. After all criminal enterprises go for what is profitable, and what is easy – keyword is “easy.” Make things hard, and they will shy away from your borders.

Australia’s government is setting a positive example when it comes to responding to citizens’ requests. Within a democracy, the opinion of the majority is what counts, and when it comes to preserving their livelihoods it is vital the government work with the citizens in order to maintain stability and security. Ultimately it is the citizens of a given nation that should be the concern of the government, and not the rest of the world – one can paint a pretty picture with words and imagination, but nations are nations and will always place their own interests ahead of everything else. When things go downhill for a particular nation, the others will not necessarily come to their aid. The link to the article is located below this paragraph.


Thanks a lot for reading the coffee break: enjoy the rest of your drink, and I will see you next time.


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