StuG III: did I make a mistake?

Now normally I do not post more than once per day on this blog – or write in first person as I attempt to write in a more formal manner – but my goodness watching that StuG III pummel the opposition with its 7,5cm stu.k. 40L/43 gun is just – I am at a loss for words here. Earlier today on the 12th of January I sold my Marder II as I felt I was no longer interested in tank destroyers in World of Tanks. While progressing through my tech trees and reaching my daily limit, actual in-game limit, I played a match where a StuG was part of my team; I was amazed at how good the tank destroyer was when pitted against enemy armour.

The StuG pilot definitely knew what he or she was doing because at the very last minute, when it was down to the StuG and a single enemy tank, they managed to take out that pesky enemy armour from the rear with their main gun and win us the match. Now everyone knows a game is good when people go back and forth on which vehicle to choose from as they are all equally fun to pilot, but did I make a mistake when I sold my Marder II? Did I falsely place my faith in my light and medium tanks while ignoring the benefits of having at least one tank destroyer?

Now normally in a game like World of Tanks I would go ahead to purchase a slot with real world currency, but due to my financial limitations at this time I am unable to do so – hence the near “Stalinist-purge” approach to keeping some tanks and selling off others from the garage. Yet watching the StuG in action made me think of my tactical decisions earlier today, and question whether or not they were good ones.

Ultimately it is the operator that makes a tank good and not the tank itself – or in this case the tank destroyer. Only I can make my machines dance, for if I fail to pilot my vehicle correctly, then even with the best guns and armour mounted onto a given tank it will all be useless when going toe to toe against an enemy who has less armour and a slightly smaller caliber gun, but can move their tank and fire without even blinking an eye. Ah decisions, decisions; I’ll see you next time.



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