Update: 19 January 2014

Hello folks;

Shame World of Tanks is suffering from some serious frames per second issues after patch 8.10 was implemented. The colour filters they have in that game under the “improved” graphics settings are really nice, and add that extra layer of character to the game. Indeed the version I am playing is too suffering from the issue of a sudden drop in frames per second: after doing some tinkering it was discovered that even if I lowered all the graphics’ settings to the bear minimum, the frames per second would still drop like there was no tomorrow. Generally when it comes to engagements, if I left my settings all on medium, I would sink to about 8 fps. Now if I lowered my settings down to standard graphics with everything either turned off or lowered to minimum/low, I would still sink to 8 fps when I drive past four on four tank brawls. Hopefully this situation will be resolved by Wargaming.net as World of Tanks is quite the free-to-play game, and it would be a shame to see this title go under especially with the enthusiasm over Ground Forces in War Thunder – which they still have not installed old hardware support, thereby leaving players like myself in the dust.

Now what have I been up to some of you may wonder; well World of Tanks, The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and Neverwinter have been on the radar for the most part this past week. Suffice it to say out of the four games that are currently being played, Neverwinter really caught me off guard as I did not expect it to be almost the same as Skyrim with a hint a Dota 2 in the sense that the skill(s) are attached to the q,e,r, and g keys alongside 1 through 4. Left-clicking is the primary attack, and right clicking is the secondary attack (main attacks) – hence the near Skyrim/Dota 2-like controls. Whether or not I will do a review/first impressions remains to be seen: at this time I am slowly working my way through the game so it stands as more of a passion project rather than a commission.

Now I recall in my post concerning the Charr from Guild Wars 2 and how I stated that Elves were not part of the list of fantasy races I would play in a game like Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Neverwinter etc. Truth be told most of the Elvish factions I have encountered seemed less than militaristic, which is something I want in a role-playing game. Now in terms of NEVER playing Elves, no I have not neglected them in that fashion: I find Blood Elf females quite visually appealing to say the least, and they are part of the Horde which has elements of militarism here and there. That said should a faction appear that features Elves alongside other races and militarism, I would play them in a heartbeat. Heck I have played Orcs before in Allods Online (outside of the “list” provided in the Charr article), and found them to be amazing when it comes to the leveling content, and within the lore in general. Though sadly the leveling experience was really grindy and I eventually left the game after roughly four months, the universe was quite interesting nonetheless.

Anyways folks that concludes this update for the 19th of January 2014: hopefully the fps issue will be fixed as it is quite bothersome to suddenly slow down in combat, only to be taken out by a KV-1 or a Hetzer because the frames just did not load fast enough. Imagine having even your best tank taken out by some 20mm-wielding light tank because your fps dropped faster than a fat kid doing push-ups. Thanks a lot for reading, and I will see you next time.


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