Wait, did I just find Elves who happen to be militaristic?

Oh dear people, the day seems to be creeping up upon thee. Indeed while observing the Elder Scrolls Online as it goes through its development cycle via the Shoddycast channel – the link will be provided – it has come to my attention that the Aldmeri Dominion possesses many of the characteristics I look for in a faction when looking at a particular title. Now before this article continues onward, it should be noted that this game, ESO, takes place in the second era; far into the past before the events of Skyrim – heck even far before Morrowind for that matter. Therefore the Thalmor and their ideology really do not exist in the Aldmeri Dominion as pointed out by Shoddycast as this faction is more of the cautious parent, rather than the pesudo-Nazis everyone points to before they start a Nord character and ‘Fus Ro Dah’ the Thalmor Embassy personnel to death.

Now the Aldmeri are ruled by a Queen who is voiced by Kate Beckinsale, to which I must confess her voice is quite well suited to the role of a strong yet fair monarch. Indeed it is no wonder – though I suspect those bloody podcasters are more on the humor side than actually committed to the cause – that the Shoddycast hosts Josh and Kyle (hopefully his name is spelled correctly) always fight for the Queen as every time they speak the battlecry their community made up, it is with enthusiasm and effort – sadly the Daggerfall Covenant’s battlecry sounds more like a dying mouse than a soldier’s last words before battle.

Now thus far there has yet to be more information released about the culture of the Aldmeri, but so far from what the community can tell it is more akin to the Elves from the Lord of the Rings series where they play the role of wise councilors to the hotheaded race of men – in this case the hotheaded races of Tamriel as men are not the only race to be young and naive. Combat-wise it would appear that they are pretty much the same as every other faction in the game: usual sword, axe, and magic combination, and since the developers stated that the characters will be about as open as Skyrim when it comes to customization, there really is little in the way of traits aside from racials that will give this faction an edge – if racial bonuses are to even exist in the game.

A strong Monarch, a strong – from what I can tell – pseudo-militaristic attitude, and a plan to keep the undisciplined factions of Tamriel in line in order to prevent another demonic incursion like the one currently facing the three factions in ESO; I think I might want to side with the Aldmeri Dominion in this game. After all the Empire I went to war for does not even exist in this timeline as Tiber Sceptim has not even been born yet. Thus there is a very good chance that someday – if the game either goes Free to Play, or I succumb and subscribe – I will be shouting “for the Queen” as I march on Cyrodiil to take the Ruby Throne for the Dominion. Time to play the game folks! However until that time comes, I think I will work some more on Neverwinter: I need to dig further into the game in order to enjoy it fully as doing the quests and missions around level 10 is not an accurate taste of things to come. Anyways folks thanks for reading, and I shall see you next time.


Shoddycast Channel on Youtube.

IGN Video featuring voice actors for ESO.

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