The Coffee Break. 30 January 2014.

Hello folks;

The Learn for Life Foundation, an Australian education organization, has released an ad which depicts students ditching school to go have fun at the beach. Just when things start to look like a happy ending, all the members of the run-away crew explode – literally. What the organization, out of Western Australia, has done is depict slacking off in school as a death wish, citing that if you skip school, your life will end abruptly.

Now the news site Elite Daily posted this video in an article earlier today, and it interpreted it as a bit of overkill. Now to someone casually watching yes, it does seem like a bit of overkill: after all when you slack off in school, indeed you will have less opportunities in life, but in general there will always be some form of work available to you, and there is always a second chance – provided you live in a country with a support system that provides education grants to those looking for a second chance.

The message that I interpreted from the video is that due to the students not concentrating in school, they thought that all rules were meant to be broken, and thus wandered into an explosives testing site. This lack of concentration in class also added illiteracy to the mix, causing them to ignore safety signs – either by will, or because they cannot read them – and as such they ended up in a dangerous situation. Much like a foreigner to a particular country who does not speak the language, the students probably lacked the literacy skills to read the warning sign, thinking it was just another beach to play on.

Ultimately the message – to me at least – was clear: stay in school because knowing how to read signs can save life and limb. Dropping out of school to indulge in pleasures can potentially get you killed – from wandering into a live fire zone, to explosives testing sites, to drinking poisons that looked like Mountain Dew.

Have a look at the video folks; it might take a bit of time to understand, but the message exists nonetheless. That is all for today folks: thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

Learn for Life foundation video featured in Elite Daily:


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