The Telegraphed Gazette. 31 January 2014

Hello folks and welcome to the Telegraphed Gazette for the 31st of January 2014: in today’s edition the government of British Columbia has announced it will be changing its policy on beer garden fences as well as special occasion restrictions in its bid to update the province’s liquor laws, and tech talk on IGN discusses the current upcoming trends of wearable technology that we as a consumer base could see in the coming months and into the future. Let us begin shall we?


The government of British Columbia has decided to repeal some of its restrictive liquor laws in its current ongoing liquor laws review. According to the news site Vancity Buzz the restrictions on beer gardens, and serving alcoholic beverages at sports events will be changed to allow for a more flexible and streamlined permit acquisition process. Things such as beer garden fencing requirements will be eliminated, as well as enabling hosts of  public events to serve alcohol – events such as Ubrew/Uvin, or weddings for example.

Now the change to the liquor laws is a pleasant surprise as this province has been lagging behind the other 9 provinces in Canada when it comes to liquor laws, which in turn hamper its ability to collect those sweet, sweet event dollars that the other provinces have been enjoying. Now there is still an application process to go through, but this change and update is welcomed as time and time again the people of British Columbia see themselves restrained from competing against the world for special events dollars as other parts of the continent, indeed even the world, have less restrictive liquor laws thereby enabling them to host special events that allow for alcohol to be served – local and foreign. This loss in revenue can also hamper a city’s ability to become recognized on the world stage as tourists and events organizers will see the out of date legislation, and be put off by these laws that limit their freedom to enjoy both the event itself, and a drink or two here and there. Welcome news indeed folks, the link to the full story is located below this paragraph:


New technology always enters peoples lives and changes it in mysterious ways. Indeed the sudden flux of wearable devices that replicate a smart phone’s abilities comes as no surprise as the tech industry looks to develop innovative ways to improve the lives of ordinary citizens – from communications to home electronics. Indeed when the video from IGN’s youtube page discussed the new technology coming to the market it sparked a few thoughts. Now the video will be given at the end of this section but the main motive behind bringing up this discussion on wearable technology is to respond informally to the video posted by IGN.

One of the hosts of the show stated that the wearable technology could become a trend in the near future, as it begins to replace the smart phone: I am inclined to agree with him on this subject matter. The reason for this agreement is because smart phones, while interesting and useful, can prove to be difficult when attempting to find a way to slot the item onto a part of the body in the form of a arm-mounted MP3 player etc. Now currently the market only provides MP3 players and smart phones which come loaded with various applications and so forth, but imagine if your phone became a simple ear piece with a small lens that dropped down just onto the corner of your eye (not directly touching your eyeball of course) giving you a mini map display and so forth. Now with social media applications the phone is uncontested, but a wrist-mounted watch that can track weather, give critical information when exercising, and tell the time all at once is a lot more convenient than having to pull out your phone and press a button here and there, making sure you do not accidentally swipe the cancel button before putting it back into your pocket.

The ear piece with drop down display (a theorized concept based off the google glass concept previewed earlier this year) is not only ten times lighter than the smart phone, it functions as a heads up display for a mini map, so that drivers and/or pedestrians will never be lost in urban traffic. Now before I go on I can hear some people saying: “but my phone does all of that! Why would I need all these devices?”

smartphone bulge

Imagine having pocket space: imagine not having to explain to people that the bump in your pants is not an erection, but a phone. Now imagine your trousers straight and well pressed, with no bulky items forcing the fabric into awkward positions. Not only can the ear piece be cheaper than the smart phone, it can also free up pocket space for other more important items a person needs to carry; car keys would be one, as is a wallet, and so forth. Text messages, again the phone can best these devices, but then again I recall back in December a school mate of mine did not even have to type a text message into his phone. Instead his phone enabled him to say a sentence, and the phone records, translates, and sends without even taking up loading time. The software exists people, and the headset can translate verbal commands into text for the receiver on the opposite end of the line, thereby rendering the need for the constant use of the keypad on the phone near pointless.

Now the watch that tracts data and so forth, that one could probably be grouped in regards to software mounted on the wrist. Indeed the phone is too bulky and cumbersome for a runner to have to haul around, or a professional weightlifter who needs to keep track of how much energy he/she is burning off. Critical data like this may be hard to keep track of on a bulky phone like the Samsung Galaxy S, among many others. The smart phone may group all of these apps together, but the sheer size of it makes it inconvenient when in the middle of an intensive workout. Not only that, but watches do not slip into the toilet; phones however run the risk, especially when ones hands are covered in sweat. Now television and tablet/PC integration might be an asset, but data transfers can just as easily be done via a USB cable, like the ones used on Ipods and so forth (if people even remember the Ipods).

Overall I am very much excited to see this new technology emerge into the marketplace. Certainly it is about time smart phones lose their monopoly as any monopoly is bad for the consumers; but more importantly it will give a cheaper alternative to the bulky, rather over-priced bricks currently on the market. Imagine having all the critical data one needs to go about their day: weather, traffic, body temperature, etc. Let the girls and guys obsessed with social media have their ‘bricks,’ I will embrace the watch and head set – when it is cheaper of course – which will free up pocket space for myself, and give me an edge in navigating the world around me.


6 wearable devices that might change your life (IGN video):


Alcohol laws being updated and new technology emerging onto the market: either I have been asleep for quite a long time, or the world is finally starting to move forward (humor intended). This concludes the Telegraphed Gazette for the 31st of January 2014. Thank you all for reading, and I will see you next time.

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