Oxygen bars, monarchies, World of Tanks, and The Old Republic.

Hello folks;

According to the wikipedia page, oxygen bars simply deliver an aroma to the nostrils thereby simulating some sort of amazing drink/food item when the user inhales. Wow, what a strange device: nothing as practical as a pipe, or a soda mixer, or even a back scratcher for that matter. My goodness is this what people are into these days; inhaling scents that could easily be replicated with a candle or even a good meal, and at the fraction of the cost? A former school mate of mine went to a convention recently, and described that a single oxygen bar module costs eight thousand dollars; $8,000.00 just for the baseline model! This of course does not include the liquids needed to replicate those delicious odors that people are so desperately interested in inhaling.


The sheer idiocy surrounding this device, boggles my mind mainly because the cost of the damned thing makes purchasing some luxury item from a specialty store look like child’s play compared to an investment in a oxygen bar. The price tag alone should be a strong indicator of how ridiculous this device is, and why you should as a smart consumer, avoid this thing like the plague.

Moving on, there has been some comments on CBC’s article surrounding the Monarchy in Canada, and I just wanted to throw my two cents into the mix (five cents, now that the penny is phased out). Firstly the comments section is just riddled with nasty remarks similar to those of youtube, and second this discussion over the Monarchy seems to stem from a lack of knowledge surrounding the institution – in particular its cost. Here is the real shocker folks: the Monarchy costs $1.63 per year, per Canadian citizen. That’s right folks; for the cost of a chocolate bar, you are supporting an institution that not only acts as a non-partisan representative of the Canadian people, but also a constitutional guarantor when the prime minister decides to stick his/her bloated finger into your face.

Now when people hear “monarchy,” they think of The Tudors television show; among many other pieces of media that portray heads of state as reckless and dangerous. Ever notice that they also portray merchants as the heroes of the people? That is right folks, the bankers are your friend! Nonsense, sheer, utter nonsense. Now if you then were to say: “democracy forever,” the response would be: “this is a constitutional monarchy: you are no less democratic than Norway who – I want to add – has a King.” Ever notice that countries like Sweden and Norway do so well yet are not like the US of A in that they have a monarch to oversee operations and to act as a non-partisan head of state?

Then finally there is the question of: “what do they do for our society?” Queen Elizabeth the second along with her family members are heads of several charities that does work around the globe ranging from school construction to establishing social services for the people of an affected region; free of politics and regardless if they are a commonwealth country or not. Ever see the glorious President do such work? Most politicians retire and forget what they ever did during their terms in office. This exact reason alone is why I would rather have the Crown represent myself as a Canadian than some bi-partisan politician who probably will take a dump all over our nation’s flag just for kicks.

Now I could sit here and discuss the benefits of such an institution with you folks all day, but I will give you the Monarchist League of Canada’s website link for you to explore and learn more about this uniquely Canadian institution. Yes yes she is also the head of state for several countries, but remember: we share a common bond with the UK, Australia, New Zealand, all of the British Overseas Territories and so forth, and it is a piece of our beautiful cultural mosaic that sets us apart from the US, and from the rest of the world. Our nation’s identity is a mosaic, and not a single piece of cloth: brush your fingers gently over the beautifully detailed bits of coloured glass, stone and gems which depict the Crown, the Aboriginals, the French settlers in Quebec, the English settlers from the United Empire Loyalists, the immigrant populations from the rest of the Empire including India and Hong Kong, and our proud military which was at the forefront of developing the UN’s peacekeeping operations division – among a host of other treasures stored within our ever-growing mosaic.

Oh man, I should make a mosaic now: it could be a life-long goal, to be completed near the end of my days. Alternatively I could do a massive stone mural like the one in the Sky Haven Temple in Skyrim: though I would need a really big piece of rock to carve that masterpiece. Anyone have a massive, half a city block-sized stone with a hammer and a pick? Anyone?


Well that turned into a rant of sorts; let us move onto some gaming stuff for a bit. The French D1 light tank is absolutely terrible when it comes to combat. Played a few matches earlier, and my main gun just could not penetrate a tier 2 light tank’s frontal armour; I could not even move around the enemy tank because I was just that damned slow! This thing, this machine is horrible in combat, and unless I am missing something here when it comes to abilities and tactical deployment options the French D1 should only be driven if you are grinding to the tier 3 tank after it: the D2 medium tank. Oh the trauma, the horror I had to endure in that French snail. Maybe I will find a use for the tank soon; otherwise I might have to just give up on the French tech tree and go curl up in a corner to cry before having to re-arm the D1 and field it once more (humor intended).

Speaking of French snails, I started a Bounty Hunter in The Old Republic. Mercenaries have never been this interesting, aside from Army of Two and Army of Two 40th Day, and it surprises me just how well polished the Bounty Hunter really is when it comes to story arc and gameplay. The cliffhangers are quite well done, and further on into the story arc you have so many opportunities to be a real pain in the rear when dealing with the various NPCs and characters in the Old Republic. Suffice it to say, I usually do not play the hated prick who has everyone gunning for them, but even then it is tempting to enter that mindset and just piss everyone off in the story arc – do not piss the players off though, they will just report you.


The image is not of my character by the way; I have not gotten that far into my Bounty Hunter’s storyline. Yet somehow I feel before the year is done, I will eventually end up leveling my Bounty Hunter towards the point where I surpass my Imperial Agent, and begin to use my alternative character as my main character. The character just fascinates me, and this is probably indicative of good game design – this is speculation of course, it could also be just my interest in professional soldiers as well.

Alright, I think you lovely people have had enough of me for one evening: thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

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