Starfighters and Sith Warriors. Coffee Break 4 February 2014

Hello folks;


Now where does one such person even begin with today’s coffee break? Well today February 4th 2014 the Galactic Starfighter expansion for The Old Republic has gone live for everyone. Five hours of maintenance and patching have finally culminated to the release of the starfighter expansion where players get to fly fighters for their respective factions and duke it out with the other factions over assets – wait for it – IN SPACE! Shocking!

Now aside from the galactic starfighter expansion, there is also patch 2.6 which modifies a few of the classes available in the game. Things such as the tactics section of the Vanguard advanced class for the Republic Trooper now requires an active high energy cell for the pulse generator have been added into the game by the guys who update and maintain this rather wonderful title. The full list should be available on the Old Republic’s main website, but you can also view it when you load up the game as it patches today.


Now onto the next portion of this coffee break: Sith Warriors. Alright folks, I need to make a confession; I have left the world of blasters and espionage to become a Sith Warrior for the Empire. More specifically, I decided to become a Juggernaut for the Sith Empire, wielding a single lightsaber, and dawning heavy armour so that I may face down the Jedi cultists on the frontlines. The experience thus far with the Sith Warrior is rather quite pleasant. The sense of being part of something bigger and yet you are a very important, and powerful, piece of the puzzle is quite the amazing feeling. Like the placebo effect so often spoken of in psychology classes in universities, the Sith Warrior offers an experience like no other. The story arc is filled with non-stop action as you sprint from one area to the next achieving your objectives like the powerful Sith that you are, and in the process wooing some Imperial ladies who may or may not like you for who you are – some Sith ladies prefer power, and in a strange sort of way are willing to divorce/kill their spouses if another more powerful figure appears. Frightening; imagine if your girlfriend/wife was like that: “darling, honey, this is just how our society is! Come now, be a good husband, and DIE!”

Goodness, now I am put off from having a relationship entirely (humor intended). Anyways back to the main topic: so the Sith Warrior players about the same as your usual melee class who is designed to be a tank, and to be hard hitting as well. The flexibility offered with the Warrior in that you can either go pure DPS (damage per second) with the Marauder, or to do a pseudo-blend of tanking and DPS with the Juggernaut gives the player that extra degree of flexibility in choosing how they want their powerhouse to look, fight, and feel like. Though it is a sad day when the Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter classes are put on the back burner, the Sith Warrior is rightfully given its due reward as the experience so far is unlike the previous two when it comes to story arc and gameplay. Were it not for the game having to re-organize its data and patch, I would be online right this instant, ruining the days of the Empire’s enemies, and dancing around in the starship. Everybody has their strange side; I dance around my starship fully armoured and armed: no problems with that hobby yes?


Before I move on, I just want to say this: I know what you folks were thinking, dancing around my starship naked. How could you suggest such heresy? Oh wait, the Shoddycast on youtube who cover the Elder Scrolls Online stuff; those “interesting” characters. Now onto other news, I have not really touched World of Tanks in some time as after the fiasco of the massive fps drops, I sort of put the game to rest for the time being to wait out the rough patches. Though I miss my T1, and my Cruiser 3, the game is what it is, and the formula will not change anytime soon. Shame that the fps drops harder than a lead cannonball from a shelf in the upper deck of a galleon, being able to see the advanced graphics and just how much better it was from the standard made me want to play the game even more, but with the fps dropping to ridiculously low levels, it is very hard to play a brawling/hit and run tank if the player is unable to control the beast during intensive firefights.


Anyways that about concludes this rather lengthy coffee break for the 4th of February 2014. Hopefully this new down-to-earth style of writing did not put you folks off entirely; hope you lovely people enjoyed this post, and I will see you next time.


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