The Coffee Break. 6 February 2014.

Hello folks and welcome back to another coffee break for the 6th of February 2014. Now it has been said in the past that in World of Tanks the sheer amount of stupidity that flies around just boggles the mind. While some of you may think this is already bad enough, a news story comes along from regular media outlets that makes the World of Tanks idiocy look like a dress rehearsal. A California Highway Patrol officer was seen arresting a – wait for it – firefighter for refusing to move his firetruck because it was standard protocol. According to the video and the article from Elite Daily, the firefighter always parks his truck in the left lane, which did not go over too well with the CHP officer who then arrested the firefighter and placed him in the back of his squad car right as the man was in the middle of assessing the situation and giving medical treatment to the injured persons at the accident scene. This incident was eventually resolved when supervisors from both the fire department and the California Highway Patrol arrived on scene to release the firefighter to continue on with his duties.

Wow, a police officer arrests a firefighter who was doing his job: what is next, the highway patrol officer arrests a municipal policeman because he left his car on the side of the road to pursue the thief who was attempting to flee the scene of the crime? You know folks, things like this you would expect to see from places like the Central African Republic, or Bulgaria; but in California? Officer training in a state like California, in a country like the US, is not at all poor and missing important bits of information. Quite the contrary, just getting into a police force like the ones in the US, Canada, Australia etc takes quite a bit of physical training and academic preparation, not to mention the lengthy interview process that a candidate has to go through. The sheer idiocy of that incident just boggles the mind not only because accidents on highways are near impossible to miss with the naked human eye, but also because the officer should have done a scene assessment prior to taking any sort of action that he deemed necessary. Arresting a firefighter for following protocol? Ever heard of a radio officer? Use it to contact the station house and ask for confirmation, not jump in and say: “you’re under arrest for obstructing traffic.”

Now if the firefighter was off duty and in civilian clothes fine, mistaken identity. Yet in the video the man was clearly dressed to work, and not in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. How this officer made it out of the academy and even past his probation period is beyond the human capacity to understand stupidity. Suffice it to say I do not think the officer needs to go off to look for work elsewhere, rather he just needs some re-training on proper procedures for how to deal with situations like this. Paying attention in class, especially when in professional training related to an occupation, is vital to not only avoiding incidents like this, but also to ensure that a career will have a steady stream of promotions if hard work is present. The link to this article is located below this paragraph.

Now my good readers if you will excuse me, I have some spies that need taking care of; Sith Warrior’s storyline is similar in some aspects to the Imperial Agent, and this I very much like. Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.


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