A shift in the roster.

Hello folks;

Over the past weekend I decided it was time to concentrate all my characters onto a single server in The Old Republic after discovering that even after my subscription ends I will have six character slots available as a preferred status player. Thus I decided to consolidate all my characters onto that one server where my Sith Warrior was created. After some deleting on another server, and fighting with the system interface, I arrived back on the server where my Warrior was, and re-created my Imperial Agent. However there are some differences with this one, namely that instead of a cyborg, my Agent is now a Chiss. The idea behind the Chiss Imperial Agent was that my character roster would consist of the various citizens and allies of the Empire – which also leaves room for one more non-human species, the Sith Pureblood.


Now aside from the new Imperial Agent, I managed to track down a green weapon crystal to add to my lightsaber for the Sith Warrior. Currently I have yellow, orange, blue, and red crystals stored away in the locker; all of which had to be salvaged from blasters and enemy lightsabers, but in general the variety in colours is quite refreshing as we generally associate Sith with red-coloured blades which could – over time – become quite boring as the Jedi have a variety of colours to choose from while we, as Sith, are forced into one colour for all of our blades. Now the leveling is going as well as it could possibly go given that since I am currently subscribed to the game I do not get reduced experience points. The story arc is still quite enjoyable though I still need to work on the Tatooine side of the story: I just left Balmorra after finishing the bonus series which – by the way – I am not looking forward to doing again with the Imperial Agent. Maybe after some time has passed I will warm up to the questline again, but for now I think I will take my time with the Agent in order to avoid burnout with the various side missions in the game.

Now before I finish off this post I would like to point to a key – in my opinion – flaw with the interface options of the game. While the settings made on a previous character can be saved and accessed by another character, thereby enabling the player to re-use a familiar setting, the option does not seem to be clearly laid out and instead players who are unfamiliar with this might go about making multiple profiles of the same interface configuration. Not only that but the key bindings have to be re-mapped every character, so if a player saves their fourth mouse button to the heal ability, they will have to re-bind the key on the new character in order for that key to function as the settings saved on one character does not transfer to another. A minor oversight perhaps? Maybe, though in this day and age with titles like Guild Wars 2 – which save your settings across characters – you would think that the guys performing the updates to the game would implement this into the system. Though with my lack of knowledge on how coding works, there may be a roadblock in the way that hinders the team responsible for patches to be able to implement this feature – we will wait and see. Anyways folks that concludes this one for today: thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

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