Elder Scrolls Lore: Wolf Queen of Solitude review.

Hello folks;

The Shoddycast channel on youtube has done some fantastic work in the past with their lore series: from the provinces, to the various key figures in the Elder Scrolls universe. This one in particular stood out not only because they used a different voice actor, but because the man who was hired to read the tale of the Wolf Queen of Solitude did so with the utmost dedication and enthusiasm. Normally it would be one of the ShoddyCast hosts who would read the story to us, the youtube audience, but this time it was a new fellow whom we have never heard from before.

Without spoiling the story (the link to the video will be provided) the tale of the Wolf Queen is done so in a manner that would give off the feeling of a fairy tale told to children as a bed time story. The character who the story focused on is depicted just as many of us would have imagined when playing Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: dark, dangerous, and riddled with rumors. The political history of Tamriel is one such that makes a game set in the Elder Scrolls universe worth playing: the Empire of Tamriel is indeed a faction that inspires loyalty and fairy tales – something to be admired when examining a role-playing game. Background lore, as well as current time frame story arcs are important in developing a good RPG, and the folks who wrote this tale did an excellent job with the little story in-game so much so that as it is translated from the in-game lore into the present script and told in the video, it will bring the world of Tamriel to life once more – the other time(s) being when a player goes through Skyrim for the first time, and experiences the people, the places, and the culture of the landscape.

Take what you will from this dear readers, but rest assured the story is worth your time – unless you would rather prefer short, violent experiences, in that case I will direct you to Call of Duty Ghosts – plenty of combat to be had, and the story is not too hard for you to comprehend (humor intended). Enjoy the evening folks, and I shall see you next time.


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