Lions Arch is under siege apparently.

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Arena Net has released their latest living world content titled “Escape from Lion’s Arch,” which features the main villain in the living world content, Scarlet, besieging Lion’s Arch in an attempt to forward her evil ambitions – sorry for the lack of details I have not really read into the back story of Scarlet Briar and her war against Tyria. Players of Guild Wars 2 can participate in the event that is going on now, and for those of you wondering what happens to all the main hub services, they have been moved to Vigil Keep. The section previously blocked off has been turned into a temporary refugee camp for those fleeing the violence, and here is where the objectives come into play: players will be battling Scarlet’s forces alongside the Lionguard, all the while evacuating civilians from the city. Thus far the content feels somewhat similar to the Halloween content where you had to fight the mad king’s minions – running through a maze to engage the enemy, and then proceeding with the zerg (the mob of players) to the next area boss.

Guild Wars 2

Now in regards to overall play time spent, I have only participated in the event once this week. When the update was released, I hopped onto my Human Engineer to see what the fuss was all about. Thanks to my character being in LA when the event occurred, I was not scaled to level 80 like other players below 80, and you can imagine the result when a level 55 engages a level 80 who also happened to bring along his wonderful friends. Most of my time after that was spent trying out the Trooper class in The Old Republic which to be honest, feels bland to say the least. Normally I really like military-themed classes, but the Imperial Agent and Sith Warrior really have me hooked to the game whereas the Trooper is sort of like plain bread – it smells fresh and tastes great when fresh from the oven, but without jam or honey it quickly becomes boring. However I do like the self-healing animation of the trooper: using a block clip (similar to the one found in an M1 Garand), the Trooper loads in the rounds, and when you either cancel or finish off the out of combat self-heal, he/she ejects the block clip and loads the fresh set of rounds into – what I presume to be – an internal magazine like the ones found on lever-action rifles. One has to assume that the block clip was used to hold the loose ammo in place and when the locking door slammed shut, the clip falls out and the rounds drop into the magazine – after all a Turkish Orman/Berthier carbine features a three-round clip that falls out of the hole in the bottom of the rifle once the third and final round is chambered, so the technology definitely would exist in a setting like Star Wars.

Later on in the week I will probably re-enter LA to do some more fighting; after all it is called Guild Wars 2, not Guild peacekeeper 2: maybe there will be more updates on my adventures from that event, maybe there will not. You lovely people will just have to check back every now and then to see what is going on: also they gave me a grenade weapon kit so now aside from a flamethrower I can also be a walking mortar in events and arena matches – I love the engineer class. Anyways folks the Escape from Lion’s Arch, currently up and running so log into Guild Wars 2 and have some fun: I shall see you next time.



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