Plants are overrated, you can always get oxygen from a tank.

Hello folks;

Garrus and Zaeed are quite the interesting team when you leave them to wander about your apartment in Mass Effect 3. Watching the video on youtube (which will be posted) the dialogue between the two of them reminds me of how I would go about an apartment if I was paired with someone as militaristic as myself. Some of you may find it hilarious, others not so much – though I am certain the “others” do not even surf my blog page so on with the show!

Continuing my adventures in The Old Republic, I have finally gotten my Trooper to Coruscant and I think the class is starting to look a bit more appealing. There is still that dissatisfaction that the Trooper is fighting for the Republic, but there is always the possibility to treat the Trooper like a Foreign Legionnaire, thereby shifting the loyalty of the character towards the military organization, rather than the political entity it is fighting to preserve. The feeling that the Trooper class is misplaced keeps floating around in the air, but in the end there had to be some variation in class design, and not all the “fun to play” classes can go to the Empire.


There is a chance that as I play through the Trooper story arc, I might just turn my Trooper into a organization-only soldier, being less than friendly to the over-inflated egos of politicians and senators, and protecting those who are part of SpecForce and leaving anyone outside of it to die. The Republic just does not appeal to me, and my time on Ord Mantell has shown me that even within the Republic forces (allies included), corruption runs rampant. Now there is the chance that I simply have not noticed this yet for the Empire, but my experience with the Imperials is that they are a no nonsense military outfit. They are loyal, tough, and show a strong degree of camaraderie, something that I never get playing as a Trooper – except say within SpecForce division. Maybe the Empire appeals to someone like myself more because I am a militaristic person, and the Republic is meant to be an exaggeration of democracy run amuck. Regardless, at least I tried out the Trooper class rather than the other three available to the Republic faction mainly because when I went to Tython I felt as though the place was run by idealistic dreamers and children in adult bodies. Who withholds emotion in an unnatural state and pretends to be indifferent to everything around them? Good lord, that and the fact they would preach peace, but use violence in a very liberal manner just sparks the thought that they are upholding a double standard. Contrast that to the Empire, they never pretend to be pacifists, and certainly they value unity, rather than isolation and fragmentation.

There is a limit to how much one can tolerate when it comes to inaction, indecisiveness, and inefficiency. Shame there was no dialogue near the end of Ord Mantell that allowed the Trooper to say: “Good luck sir.” This here folks is why I enjoy the Old Republic: neither side is inherently “good” or “evil,” rather both factions are grey. The term “evil” become subjective, and the factions begin to show their colours in a more even playing field: this is indicative of a sound story arc. Perhaps the Trooper is not too terrible after all. Anyways that is about as far as I will go on this topic for today: maybe I will make a piece on this blog talking about the Empire on a cultural level; it was quite interesting to explore the Empire and all of its elements, so stay tuned. Thanks a lot for reading, and I will see you next time.

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