Tinkering, miniatures, and the Republic Trooper

Hello folks;

Yes indeed there are signs of tinkering when it comes to the computer software of a particular writer’s machine. Earlier in the weekend, it was discovered that when the machine was set up to emphasize performance, the issues of lag and stutter seemed to have been reduced to almost zero – minor lag in heavily populated areas is unavoidable unfortunately. Turns out the whole hypothesis surrounding connection and game performance may have been proven false; setting the computer to focus on performance closes a number of unnecessary programs and software in the background, thereby boosting the machine’s ability to run games to preferred levels. However the work continues as server location seems to help in a strange way when it comes to connection delay and wait times (logging into the game for the first time in the day). Thus far The Old Republic has shown marked improvement, while World of Tanks has given mixed results. Further investigation will be conducted in the weeks to follow so stay tuned.

Despite the steady rise in prices, Warhammer 40,000 continues to be a favourite for myself when it comes to war gaming. Recently it was decided that I would clean out my sliding keyboard platform under my desk and convert it into a painting station: now I seek a paint-on primer to use for my models as I feel it is as good a time as any to re-start my operations building and painting miniatures for the Empire, the Imperium of Man, and if life permits it, Grey Knights. Thus far there is a good two to five boxes of unopened miniatures ranging from the black powder cannon of the Empire from Warhammer Fantasy, to the Catachan Command Squad of the Imperial Guard from Warhammer 40,000. Though the miniatures have gotten more and more expensive over time, war gaming miniatures are a luxury item to say the least, and the quality of the models has not diminished over the years. Therefore while it is regrettable that the price of the models was not what it once was back in 2008, we will cut our losses and make do with whatever we can afford, and build armies on a budget while ignoring the impulse to buy overly expensive Titan models or large tanks that will never be used – hope this works out.

Now onto the bit of news you care about: the Trooper class and how it plays out. Well I can honestly say that I still dislike the Republic as a faction, but with this feeling comes a certain degree of freedom when playing the Trooper class as I am not entirely too serious when running around as a Special Forces soldier. Indeed I am often quite hostile to Senators in-game and extremely blunt with my superiors; both of which present interesting dialogue between the character and the NPCs as they realize their station in society does not grant them sweeping authority to demand certain things from a soldier like myself.


The advanced class I chose was the Vanguard – as seen in the picture above, though not the same character – and so far it has proven to be quite a joy to play. The combat style is relatively similar to both the Bounty Hunter basic class, and the Imperial Agent Sniper advanced class: though the out of combat self-heal animation reminds me a lot of Mass Effect 2 and 3 with the whole ejecting clip after healing is done. After noticing this feature while re-watching Mass Effect 2 cutscenes, I am now lead to believe that rather than a block clip to load the ammo, the rifles used by the Trooper are using something similar to Thermal Clips from the Mass Effect series – though I digress. The storyline for the Trooper on the other hand is not as exciting as the Imperial Agent as you are sent running around conducting SWAT team operations on Coruscant, rather than doing any real soldiering – though hunting down Havoc Squad defectors is “soldiering,” to some, I would have preferred to see my Trooper doing surgical strikes against the Empire rather than doing manhunt operations. Overall the class is fun to play, and being able to mess with people (NPCs) in the game’s cut scenes is a relaxing experience.

Alright enough talk, there is much work to be done as I need to search for a paint-on primer, and continue with my adventures in The Old Republic. Thanks for reading: take care out there folks, and I’ll see you next time.


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