They gave me a ship, and a crew.

First glance it seems like another post on The Old Republic – with all the talk of space ships and crews. Yet this time around it is about Mass Effect 2, as I have recently acquired a copy through steam thanks to their sale this past weekend. After some tinkering as the first time around the installation resulted in some damaged files, I was finally wandering around the Normandy SR-2 asking questions and generally exploring the ship itself. However upon wandering into the mens’ bathroom I noticed something that made me laugh – the toilets are not divided. Similar to the ones found in Sochi during the Olympics (the image was from one of Elite Daily’s articles), these toilets have no dividers that separate one from another – with the shower section of the bathroom being right next to one of the toilets. You would think an organization like Cerberus would have taken some time in designing the facilities of the ship rather than going for what seemed like a familiar setting (I highly doubt the first Normandy ship was built with undivided bathroom facilities).

Speaking of ships and exploration, I think I finally figured out what was bothering my machine when playing games like The Old Republic. After opening up the machine and doing some dusting, it now runs a lot quieter, and a lot cooler (though I did leave the computers’ settings on performance). While server proximity lowers the server lag, it was the machine that turned out to be the primary culprit in this mystery: looks like the problem is now solved. Anyways folks I am going to return to some more Mass Effect 2 action with a bit more Old Republic before I call it for the night (9:15pm PST); hope you enjoyed this little bit of humor, and I will see you next time.


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