2 months of subscribing, and a ton of flashpoints later.

The Old Republic continues to occupy my spare time these past few weeks. Indeed the game continues to give even when you think you have seen it all; being on a role-playing server gives another layer of fun to an already entertaining title. Initially I entered the Old Republic to enjoy just the main story arc, by-passing all the trappings of an MMORPG. Yet as time passed I noticed that I was starting to enjoy the title outside of the main story arc, which lead me to subscribe in February. Now nearly two months later, I think I am starting to consider subbing again for another two months: the game just never stops to amaze me. Nowadays I spend my time on the Vaiken Spacedock – the main staging point of the Imperial Fleet, and the de-facto capital of the Empire – queuing for Flashpoints and relaxing with other players at the cantina. The atmosphere is unlike any other game: the aesthetics of the station are quite smooth, elegant and clean. The spacedock is almost like the jewel of the Empire, showing off not only the might of its civilization, but also the discipline.

Seven characters later, and I am still no where near level cap: all seven characters are of different advanced classes, and all of them are equally fun to play. There may come a day where that seven becomes eight as I have yet to test out the Powertech advanced class. Having said that, I tried to make another Republic Trooper, but ended up deleting him after getting to the end of Ord Mantell – the Trooper’s starting planet. There was something about the faction that just turned me off completely, and thus leaving me with the feeling that one is enough (currently sitting on another server). The Empire has fully grasped my interest, and it continues to hold it to this day. The game does a good job of instilling faction loyalty, and this helps a player immerse themselves into the game and enhances the experience. Factions not only add character to a game, but if well written could also inspire unique stories from the said fictional universe.


Rumor has it that player housing will be introduced into TOR sometime in the near future. Imagine owning a condo in either Corusant, or Kaas City: what a view that would be, and what an interesting bit that would add to the game to further personalize the experience. Rather than feeling you are a tourist in the world, you are actually living in it. Owning property, personal transportation, and titles adds to the experience. However there is one thing I am not entirely good at: Galactic Starfighter. Yes the people wanted a starfighter experience, and for the most part it is well done: I am simply not good with the mechanics yet. Thus far the only thing I spend my time on are flashpoints – with PVP even taking a hiatus from the routine. Maybe in the near future I will give Galactic Starfighter another go, but for now it will not be part of the regular routine as I simply do not enjoy it.

Two months into a subscription, and I am thoroughly enjoying my time in TOR. The game is definitely something to take a look at for those interested in sci-fi and/or Star Wars. This game is what we have been looking for as a community, and hopefully this title will continue to experience success in the coming months and into the future.


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