Game of Thrones Season 4 preview video: thoughts and comments.

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While the trailer was designed to hype up the viewer base for season 4, I could not help but wonder what will season 4 bring us in terms of performances? Now the story itself is roughly going along the lines of the book, and to anyone out there interested in what happens, the books (or the wikipedia page) can give you every piece of information there is on what is coming in season 4. With that said, the show is still worth ones time as the acting in the series is fairly well done. Not only is the acting similar to that of the Imperial Agent storyline from the Old Republic, but similar to the Agent’s storyline it triggers that sense of political intrigue; the desire to know more, to dive deeper into the lore and understand how and why these people behave the way they behave in the show.

The actors and actresses are quite skilled on how they portray their given characters: the facial expressions and the likes all add to the atmosphere of the world in which they are tasked with bringing to life. Hopefully the cast of season 4 does a good job as there are a few changes to the roster of actors portraying certain characters: it would be a shame to see it fall flat on its face while on stage so to speak. The link to the interviews/first look is located below: have a peak, figure things out for yourself, and be prepared to enjoy season 4 if you are that type of person who is interested in political games – hence the name of the series.


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