The Coffee Break. 25 March 2014

Hello folks;


A man by the name of Byron Thomas Hobbs has been released from police custody after being charged with assaulting a tattoo parlour employee according to CBC news. Byron, aged 32 and weighing in at around 215 pounds, and being six-foot-three, assaulted a 50 year old woman who is only five-foot-two and 125 pounds: the man is seen in the surveillance video tripping the store owner, then proceeding to kick the woman in the chest area, before taking a chair that she uses to try to block the man, and viciously assaulting the woman. While having a history of such behaviour, the courts released Hobbs and has scheduled him to make another appearance sometime in the near future.

“Oxygen thieves” like this man deserve no mercy whatsoever. Call me old-fashioned, but the man attacked a woman who was not only way older than he was, but significantly weaker than he is as evidence by the height and weight distributions. Animals like this should be under some sort of surveillance, and while yes it violates their rights, would you want a man such as Byron entering your store when he has a history of violence in the form of assaulting a tattoo parlour owner, and before that attacked a male employee at a Granville Mall shoe store?

Those “professors” who talk about needing less police and such, do not know that in reality, people only behave and respect one another because there is punishment on the other end if they do not. Why else would gamers be jerks to one another on – say – World of Tanks; blocking you from exiting the spawn point, or shooting you to piss you off? Apart from a possible ban of their account, there is no real punishment that exists on games like World of Tanks for people who are complete jerks. Ultimately there will always be a need for enforcers of the law, and situations like this one shows us that this is still true today. The link to the story is located below: thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.


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