Update. 4 April 2014.

Hello folks;


Some of you may be wondering why there has been little coverage of the Quebec provincial elections – key point being that one of this blog’s functions is to keep tabs on affairs in Quebec. Truth be told there has been little motivation to do so because it is more or less the same: Parti Quebecois goes about trying to rally the Francophone majority in their bid for office and – in their minds – independence from the “oppressive Canadian regime.” Then there are the Liberals who are more on the side of keeping with Canada and job creation, and the other parties fall somewhere in between the crossfire as they attempt to build bunkers and put up signs saying: “come into our bunker, it is safe and reliable! We will make a difference!”

National Assembly of Quebec

Lately I have been reading up on the lore behind Titanfall, as well as re-watching the story bits put up on Youtube by various channels, and with a mixture of Tomb Raider (the 2013 reboot), The Old Republic, and Borderlands 2, there has not been much time for myself to cover the election campaign. There may be a chance that there will be a post here on this blog after the final results are in, but I am just sick of the political conflict of that province. Before it was a fresh new topic to cover, but now all I feel like doing is covering video games and military operations to an extent instead of politics and provincial affairs. Perhaps it is just me getting to the point where I begin to see that it is a repeating story, and are therefore disinterested in reporting on such events.

Moving onto some content updates: the new format in which I write and publish is that whenever I feel the need to write, I make a draft, and save it. Later on if I feel that the draft still represents my thoughts, I proofread it, and publish it here on Thoughts and Topics. There are a few articles in the “bank” – if I may be allowed the phrase – but for the most part they are ‘incomplete’ more or less: proofreading is paramount to success in my books. However I hope the steady stream of articles is enough to provide for this blog: Emperor knows mass-producing articles is not my cup of tea.

Anyways folks, that concludes this update for the blog. Regarding the direction of the blog, nothing is going to change though the focus for the blog at the moment is to cover gaming, as well as explore concepts and discuss design mechanics and so forth; really dive into what makes a game worth our time and so forth. Hopefully you will all stick around for the journey to the frontier: thanks for reading, and I will catch you next time.



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