Prince Oberyn Martell.

There are few characters who appear in the first opening acts of a game, film, or television show that outright amazes myself through their dialogue delivery and ability to portray their given character. Yet the television series Game of Thrones never ceases to impress as the actor who portray’s Prince Oberyn was able to deliver the dialogue and character in a very natural way. According to my sources the actor Pedro Pascal plays Oberyn Martell of House Martell in season 4 to which I must commend the producers for choosing such a fine actor who fits the role like a tailored-glove fits a king.

The man is portrayed as fully in-tune with his desires, as one scene while in a brothel with his wife, he then tells the male brothel employee to take off his clothes, all the while completely comfortable with his wife engaging in sexual relations with the female sex trade worker. This is then followed up by a sudden switch from lust to vengeance as he detects the Lannister’s main song (no doubt due to a keen sense of hearing), and proceeds to dispatch the two Lannister soldiers before Tyrion walks into the room. This sort of lax attitude towards sexuality, as well as a dedication to vengeance (recall the events leading up to season 1 or the first book in the series which is titled “A Song of Fire and Ice”) makes this man – Oberyn – a dangerous fellow indeed.

Interesting enough, Oberyn reminds me of the Sith from the Old Republic, only less bloodthirsty; aggression is still present. There is definitely a hint of interest in seeing this character through season 4, but after reading the books I can safely say I am prepared for what happens to any of the characters I like and admire. Indeed the actor chosen did an excellent job with the first episode, so let us hope he does not disappoint us for the rest of the season.


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