Covenanter: smaller means better.

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After months of playing nothing but the Old Republic, it was decided that the World of Tanks vehicle inventory needed some dusting off. After some re-working of the crews and vehicles available, the tank that is now the centerpiece of the collection is the Tier 4 Covenanter light tank. Fast, highly maneuverable, and sporting a rather powerful QF 2-pdr Mk. X, the Covenanter is quite the fun tank to drive. However there is one issue I have with the tank: the OQF 3-inch howitzer Mk.1. Suffice it to say the larger caliber gun is dangerously inaccurate, and has cost me many battles over the span of two hours testing the weapon.

Now the gun itself is optional, but before you spend the credits on a “better gun,” just know that as a light tank, you have few opportunities to line up a shot and send it before the enemy spots you and turns you into an instant scrap yard. Only tank destroyers and heavy tanks have the luxury of sitting and shooting: light tanks on the other hand need to spit out that piece of lead, and put the pedal to the metal before the enemy forces have a chance to turn around and train their sights on you.

Apart from that little bit regarding the “better gun,” the suspensions and engines – upgraded or stock – are quite nice to have on a light tank, and spending that extra bit of credits on a 75% crew will be well worth it when you are causing medium tanks on the enemy team much pain and frustration. Dare I say I think I have found my particular play style; I should have known when I was playing Planetside 2 that going as a light tank would be the obvious choice for myself. After all Prowlers and Lightnings from the Terran Republic were both fast and well armed: something to keep in mind the next time the good idea fairy decides to tell me to pick up a tank I have absolutely no knowledge about. Anyways folks the Covenanter from the British tier 4 line: now available in World of Tanks (it has always been there). Thank you for reading, and I will see you next time.


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