The Telegraphed Gazette: 22 April 2014.

Hello folks and welcome to the Telegraphed Gazette for the 22nd of April 2014; in the headlines today: waitresses in Saskatchewan have reported losing their jobs to temporary foreign workers, and Canada-China trade ties are at a stand still due to a divide over cabinet decisions.


CBC released an article earlier in the week featuring two waitresses who have lost their jobs after their employers fired them in favour of temporary foreign workers. According to the article on CBC one waitress who worked for a business called Brothers Classic Grill and Pizza – formerly El Rancho – in Weyburn Saskatchewan was suddenly let go by the business who was doing a staff shuffle – if I may be allowed the phrase. The lady in question is not alone as another woman also from the same business was laid off as the business turns to foreign workers. Experts featured in the article say that this sort of practice is not uncommon, and that many Canadian employers seek foreign workers rather than Canadian employees.

Right well this sort of thing should not be happening, but it is happening. Indeed like the McDonalds fiasco that occurred not too long ago, these businesses are only in it for one thing and one thing only: money. Business owners tend to look at profits as the sole reason to establish their enterprise, so not to sound cold and calculating, but what do you expect from these people? Indeed many small businesses would prefer to hire local help, but not every business owner is in the same mindset. When push comes to shove, something will eventually break from under the pressure.

Foreign workers may be helpful in the agricultural sector when seasonal labour is unavailable, but the government expanded the program to include service sector jobs which is quite a lot of jobs when you look at the labour market as a whole. Again this statement must be written: do you think the locals will be willing to put down their hard-earned dollars at your business when they find out that you are doing more harm than good for the local economy? Will they be willing to give you business when it is discovered that you are not helping the local workforce, but hurting it? Who will you turn to in order to earn that money spent in setting up shop? A strong local economy means growth for the entire nation, but these business owners cannot see past the ends of their noses – no surprises here. The link to the full article is located below this paragraph.


Fears over espionage and cyber espionage has prompted a freeze in trade ties between Canada and China. The article from CBC details how the cabinet is divided over what to do in regards to relations with China. Indeed the PRC has engaged in cyber espionage as well as real espionage when it comes to foreign nations and Canada is no exception. Despite talks of closer trade ties, the Canadian government is undecided as to what to do when it comes to the situation at hand.

Espionage is indeed an interesting phenomenon, and one that is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Every nation, every entity, every group of people – tribes included – have conducted espionage operations against other political entities in the past. China wants to grow, and if she cannot do so via trade relations or brute force, she will seek to gain the information via espionage – information such as secrets to ship plans, or airplane specifications. Now one can argue: “are you just being paranoid?” The answer to that would be: “do you really want to trust China with your information?” Certainly governments like the US government are not entirely free of spying, but they are not the ones who will go around kicking down doors and executing political sweeps to eliminate all opposition – as much as some of you want to/are lead to believe.

The simple fact is when it comes to things like technology and building specifications, nations will fight over them much as they did in the past for salt, gold, food, and other physical goods. Sure your airplane plans might not mean much; an airbus here, a jetliner there. However imagine if the Chinese government were able to nationalize aircraft production and sell it at a significantly reduced cost, and with lower safety standards – will you want to fly on one of those things? Now imagine if the Chinese secret service got a chance to tamper with the interior – do you think your conversations with your friends and loved ones are entirely private? Not only will privacy become an issue, but jobs will also be at stake. Why should an aircraft assembly plant hire so many mechanics when they can just order in fully built planes instead and stamp a logo on it? Aircraft mechanics will lose their ability to bargain for a better wage, and be thrown down from a position of strength and prosperity to a position of desperation and poverty (in the absolute worst-case scenario). All the while the PRC drinks in trillions of dollars, and has hands in the pockets of broke and near bankrupt companies; companies that could potentially also manufacture military hardware for key nations in the world. Imagine then what will happen when our own fighter jets are turned against us? Typical “someone steals the keys” scenario.

Yet one has to also note that China is a growing power, and while political reforms and the likes are debatable, her ability to actually make a difference in the world economically is not easily shaken by a few words. Indeed trade with that nation means vast quantities of goods, and foreign currency with which investment can occur. However being where I am and in the position I am currently in, I can say that the talk regarding these foreign assets is a complete farce. Many of the “foreign investors” will not pour billions of dollars into our economy, but rather sap billions of dollars out of it. Those foreign students coming over to study are not studying, but rather joyriding with their parents’ money because the government in China is attempting to crack down on corruption – the source of these people’s wealth.  Sorry to burst your bubble folks but a lot of that money is dirty money, so unless you want money that was extorted from the government to travel to your country along with the toxic practices that aided them in acquiring their assets, I suggest you look elsewhere for business. The link to the full story is located below this paragraph.


That is it for the Telegraphed Gazette for the 22nd of April 2014: thank you all for reading and I will see you next time.


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