Some days I write, and some days I do not.

Rather unusual title, but the circumstances warrant such a “creation.” Some of you lovely readers out there may be thinking these exact words: “why has our writer not published anything as of late? Why the sudden blitz of stories and topics, and then silence?” The answer will become clear once I throw down some of my thoughts – I do hope all of you are smart enough to dig through and find the meaning. Really this is not rocket science and there is little to no enigma involved in the writing process.

Past few days have been uncomfortable; being sick is neither fun nor short in terms of duration, and it saps the energy out of people and leaves them wanting nothing. Yet while I spent my days removing the sickness within (actual illness, not some metaphorical illness), the devils’ hands have been busy. McDonalds – or at least McDonalds Canada – sent their proud CEO out to greet the media with rather crude words and less-than-adequate responses which can be summed up with this word: bullshit. Oh yes the CEO of the rather large fast food chain’s Canadian operations went on camera to curse and call CBC’s reports as false, lies, and even going as far as to name them conspiracies designed to bring down the economy: the last little bit might have been exaggerated but he did indeed call CBC’s reports “false.”

Truth be told the whole temporary foreign workers fiasco has brought to light just how poorly thought out this plan was: makes you wonder whether or not we as a society should bother recruiting politicians, and instead opt to make clone-leaders: much like clone troopers from the Star Wars universe. Imagine the possibilities of leaders who are literally bred to lead: all our problems would magically evaporate. Then there is of course the slight issue of tampering: creating clone-leader madmen who have such power and strength to ruin everyone’s happy hour with their rather draconian laws and actions. Coming back to the topic at hand however, some sushi establishment in Calgary went on camera to complain about how the halting of the TFW program has caused some staffing issues with his business. Ultimately these business types have no love or loyalty to country, no sense of pride or patriotism that drives them ever onward. The gold coins are the order of the day, to which the reply will be: “adjust to the situation, learn to attract local help, or go under.” Your business cannot survive without local coin, and should you lose this support, will your foreign workers make up the loss in profits by buying food from their place of work and therefore “return” the money they were paid? Doubt they would even consider answering the phone on their day off, never mind coming back to their workplace for a meal.

Now with that out of the way let us talk about the website Elite Daily: further down the road I may just release a small article detailing just how ridiculous some of their articles are, but let us lay down the foundation here this evening. That website illustrates just how indecisive and idealist the so-called “Mellenials” are, and how they view the world around them. Some days the website produces good content, but other days – most days – it ruins the image of our generation – my generation – by painting us as self-centered, idealistic, over-enthusiastic, talkative, lazy, indecisive little rats that the world despises and wish it would hurry up and skip so that the next generation can fix the mess the previous two generations made, and hopefully restore our people to their former glory.

Idealistic sentiment is plastered all over their website, after all they love to take on the title: “Voice of Generation-Y.” Newsflash kids, you do not represent people like myself, but you are free to represent the ill-mannered little rabbits you call an audience (ironically I occasionally look through their site as someone would look through a tabloid magazine while at the checkout line in the store). Lucky for you I am nearing my end for this little update to my blog, but one thing is for certain: when reality hits you, your nose will break, your cheekbones will shatter, and all you thought was true and beautiful will turn out to be nothing more than a poster with scented oils.

God-Emperor on his golden throne from Terra help me; as stated, later down the line there might just be a rant of sorts about that website, but for now treat this as a – per se – teaser of sorts. Readers love teasers right? Anyways folks thank you for reading, and I shall see you next time.


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