The Telegraphed Gazette: Column. RCMP makes changes to their dismissal policies.

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One thing that is quite dear to my heart is the police force known as the RCMP. Born and raised in Canada there has always been a certain degree of respect for the force from my end – after all they brought order to the frontier whereas down south in the US the law could barely keep up with the settlers. Recently the RCMP has made some changes to their release policy whereby when a grievance is filed, the dismissal case would still proceed rather than be put on hold. Now of course the official opposition would be opposed to this; such is the nature of their job. The article talks about how some officers on years (yes you read that right, “years”) of sick leave are suddenly facing new dismissal practices that the force plans on putting to work in order to modernize the bureaucracy.

While these officers deserve some form of compensation, to be on sick leave for years on end when you work for an organization that is already having manpower difficulties is absurd. Not only are these officers putting pressure on their respective detachments, they demand that they remain on the payroll of the force – funded by the taxpayer by the way – while they recover: with no information given regarding treatment and so forth.

This will sound cold and calculating so if you are not interested in what is to follow feel free to turn away. Now here is the issue I have with these officers here: they claim to be irreversibly damaged from certain events that took place during their careers, and now they ask to remain on the force in a different position, or receive promotion for work they did not do, because “they feel it is the right thing to do?” This is a no-brainer here folks, these officers might as well be free-loading off of the welfare policies that various provincial governments have set in place. Sorry to burst your bubble here but there are detachments right now across Canada that are understaffed, and you want to pull this political nonsense just so you can continue to wear the uniform and get the pay? Some officer in the article cited that he was stressed out from work because he was not promoted? Utter tripe people, totally unacceptable.

Look at your own behaviour outside of the military environment: when you find a electronic device no longer working, you retire it to the recycling facility yes? When you upgrade your ten year old car, you sell the old one right? Why then should these officers be kept on the payroll of a police force for an indefinite amount of time when they clearly have no desire to return to duty?

Men and women in uniform who are injured and have a very good chance at recovery should be given every opportunity to do so; they are heroes and must be treated as such. Veterans who continue to serve despite injuries should be looked after, because there is no one else on the civilian streets that will take their place – no greater courage or selfless sacrifice. Yet for those who want to be on the payroll forever and not do anything work-related, or complain of the lack of promotion should be kicked to the curb. Set up a discharge program like the military, help them transition back into civilian life, and be done with it. Ultimately organizations like the RCMP and the Canadian Forces have a job to do, and if their members are poorly motivated, performing poorly, or are malingering, then they should start recruiting and start releasing the “bad apples” as they like to say.

There is no doubt in my mind that these officers require some form of medical support, but if they cannot do the job, then I am sorry but the RCMP has other things to do and she as an organization is not your nanny, your free handout, or your mother. Cold as it may sound – and do not mistake this entire piece as a justification for brutal training tactics that are set up to harass recruits, that is utterly unacceptable – there are men and women out there who are willing to work for the force, getting help when they need it, and continue serving. They deserve the promotions, they deserve the support, and they deserve the pay; they want to be there and to do their jobs. Like the card from Hearthstone that I keep forgetting its name says when you deploy it – handle it!



Thank you for reading this edition of the Telegraphed Gazette: Column. The full article is located below this paragraph: thanks again, and I will see you next time.

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