Ugh, everytime we go out we spend money…

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The rather unorthodox title will be clear once this article gets under way. Last year a conversation was overheard; a friend was complaining about how her friends would complain that they were always spending money every time they get together. Assuming that both going out and staying in are factored into the equation, she went on about how they were starting to get a bit annoying with their moaning and groaning every time they all pile into a car to do something. Finally at long last an answer is available from this blog: shall we begin the dance?

Look at your age lady: 23. Now look at the age of your friends: ditto. Now look at how lucky you are to be doing something that you enjoy, and being paid for it as well. Now look back at your friends and see their situation when it comes to jobs and money. See the difference in colours? The fact that you have a stable income and a rather deep pocket does not mean that this truth is shared by those around you. Posting on Facebook with messages like: “I want to go out! Someone take me out to dinner,” and “Oh I want to get dolled up! Someone take me out,” signals that you have a lot of time and money on your hands (as no where in those sentences does it mention you have to purchase something for her). Today young people have limited resources, and those who have plenty tend to find a reduced number of friends who are willing to go out and “enjoy life.” Even when other young adults earn enough money, they may have other ambitions in mind besides getting drunk and finding a partner to sleep with for the night. School comes to mind, career training, traveling; all of that costs money. Indeed one must look at the reality here: our economy – at least here in Canada and down south in the US – is not doing too well, and is still struggling to recover after what occurred in 2008.

College graduates are finding it harder and harder to even land a job after graduation, and with the predictions looking grim, things might not improve in the near future. Therefore when you, little lady, decide to complain about how your friends do not want to spend a lot of money doing this and doing that, you need to see it from their view: school, social life, car, loans, traveling, are just some of the items on their mind when it comes to how to spend their hard-earned cash. Better yet think of this: the economy is bad, people are not earning as much, and therefore they will want to save their money. Easy enough to understand little child?

However to be fair to her, the friends she hangs out with might be the type that overspend, and do little in the way of financial planning. Shoes, clothes, jewelry, all of these items and more they eat up like a refugee eats a meal handed out from a relief truck. Her friends probably are part of that group of young adults who want to go partying every Friday night, and therefore will pull out their credit card and swipe like a chef cuts veggies; on top of complaining when their boss asks them to work weekends.

Yet not all young adults are like this (and this point must be stressed); after all a lot of young people are also working hard at school, joining the military, and/or starting their own businesses and putting in more hours than their parents would care to do in their lifetime. However what you see out there on the streets are the ones who are not hard-working, and who have time to waste drinking and partying: that is why you see them. The hard working ones generally do not show their faces, or are going from one place to another and have little time to sit around and wait for you to stare at them. Remember what you see within your proximity is not representative of the entire population: sometimes I am guilty of making this mistake as well.

With this lengthy answer provided, hopefully she might smarten up a bit and actually think before she speaks. Then again she is the type of person who talks before they think; so I will simply shrug, and continue writing and communicating as I have always done. Thank you very much for reading, and I shall see you next time.

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