Update. 12 May 2014.

Hello folks;


Well it is about time that I did another update to let you all know what is happening to Thoughts and Topics – seems fair yes? Well I can honestly say that there are some days where I feel the need to write, to express, and to publish, and other days where I just do not want to write at all. Everyone has their cycles and indeed I am no stranger to such behaviour: though it may not seem to be the case on some days. Now some of you may or may not have read my rather odd update for the blog which was done in a less direct fashion that you are all used to; I admit I wanted to try out a different format, but that did not work out so well.


Perhaps it was the vagueness of the post, or perhaps the language involved was more of a riddle and less of an update. Regardless I will not pursue that format any longer seeing as it did not work out the way I intended to: shame because it was a rather interesting format to play around with and could have spawned a new style of writing here on Thoughts and Topics. Moving on, the new format to the whole WordPress website has left me a bit lost as I attempted to access my blog. The main page would only lead me to a – sort of – personal page where if I had any subscriptions would appear and I would be able to access them with relative ease. Therefore I think it is time to advertise myself: should you find my work to your liking, I would very much appreciate it if you could follow this blog and spread it to your friends. Sounds strange I know, but considering that this entire site is free (any ads you see I get nothing from, it is all WordPress) I see no harm in asking the readers to share this blog with others. After all writing for an audience is nice, but an even bigger audience makes things interesting.

Coming back to my blog and its published works as well as the categories I have in use, there does not seem to be an interest coming from my end to change the present format. The titles seem to work well with the articles I assign it to, and navigation does not seem to be a problem when it comes to searching for a particular title.

Finally I would like to thank those who continue to read my published works: there are so many opinions on the internet – some good, some bad, some ugly – but overall it is nice to see people enjoy my written work. Writing in general is important as it opens a doorway for one to express their thoughts and so forth – within reasonable limits of course. Anyways folks thank you for reading this quick update, and I shall see you next time.


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