Hull-mounted main guns.

One of the things that annoys me greatly at times is the fact that some of the tanks available in World of Tanks have their main guns mounted in the hull, rather than a turret. Now some of the more advanced players out there will be thinking: “but Mr. Writer the tanks with hull-mounted guns are stronger than those with their main guns mounted on a turret.” Well allow me to enlighten you on the situation that I as a player am faced with: the American M3 Lee Medium tank has its main gun mounted in the hull, with the turret portion inoperable. Compounding the issue is the fact that in order to earn the M4 Sherman or the T1 Heavy from the American tree, you have to grind through that hull-mounted pile of tripe.

Now that is just one example, the others are the tank destroyers. Regarding the argument that tanks with hull-mounted main guns are “stronger,” the armour mounted on these tank destroyers are paper-thin. That is right folks, paper-thin; one to two hits and you are history. Now with that said (and all my complaining aside) the hull-mounted guns are quite powerful, but so long as you aim them in the right direction.


Perhaps as a player I lack the patience – or lost it – to drive a vehicle with a hull-mounted gun. Honestly I think have gotten used to turrets thanks to the medium tank range. The flexibility of the medium tanks is quite nice, and soon there will be a few heavy tanks available to my list of vehicles in World of Tanks.

Tank destroyers are the “snipers” of World of Tanks, and to be fair I am not much of a sniper person. Sure the thrill of hitting a target far into the distance is rewarding, but my play style is that of support and heavy support: big guns, logistics, speed, and brawling capabilities (to list a few off the top of my head). Becoming a dedicated sniper just does not seem to be my cup of tea.


When it comes to piloting a vehicle with a hull-mounted gun, the success or failure of the tank is dependent largely on how the crew is trained (rapid courses, regimental school, etc), and how well the gamer drives the bloody thing. Positioning is also important as with the gun mounted in the superstructure the entire vehicle has to turn in order to aim in another direction – there is minimal degrees available to turn the gun on its own. Still I think I will give it some more time and see if I can re-master the art of hull-mounted guns – let us see what the future holds. Thanks for reading, do not forget to like this if you enjoyed it, and I will see you next time.

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