The Royal Homecoming: Prince Charles’ visit to Canada.

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Normally I let the Monarchist League of Canada do the heavy lifting, but this time around I figure it was time to do a bit of work in promoting the homecoming of the royals. Specifically I will voice my support for the monarchy, and why I think it is crucial that the royals do this sort of work on top of monitoring their charities and so forth: let us begin shall we?

There is no doubt that I have a great attachment to the monarchy in Canada. Watching the political parties attack one another and so forth can become sickening at times, and indeed having a head of state such as her majesty queen Elizabeth the second who represents non-partisanship is comforting to say the least. When push comes to shove, I want my head of state to be both representative of all Canadians, and to be non-partisan; contrast that to – say – a president who is “technically” supposed to represent all of the citizens of a given country, but in reality only represents a small group of voters who placed him in office.

Yes I can hear the argument now regarding gender and so forth: the countries to which the monarch resides as the head of state have voted to allow a female heir to the throne to succeed, tossing out the old practice of males first. Therefore if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a female instead of their current baby Prince George, then she would inherit the throne after her father’s death. Gender is no longer an issue when it comes to the monarchy – it does evolve.

Now I will not spend the entire post ranting on how the monarchy benefits all Canadians and such; for that I will direct you to the Monarchist League of Canada’s website for further information (located at the end of this article). What I will do however is talk a little bit on why the Royal Homecoming is important to us Canadians.

When it comes to strengthening ties, it often falls to the individual to step up to the plate and do the hard work in keeping relations strong. Indeed the Monarchist League can only do so much before a visit from one of the royal family members is required to further build ties and improve relations. Prince Charles’ visit will not only give Canadians a sense of pride when seeing their future head of state, but also help Charles build and strengthen his ties to Canada as a whole. Unknown to most of the public, the prince does operate a large number of charities (which I will not list here for sake of space and time) that affects a large number of Canadians across the country. The prince does not spend a lot of time sitting around day dreaming, but rather he is always on the move making sure his charities are functioning and in proper care.

Prince Charles currently is not as popular as his son, the Duke of Cambridge – also known as Prince William – but he is next in line for the throne, regardless of public opinion. Whether the governments of Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and various other Commonwealth Realms decide otherwise is for them to decide. However for now it is Prince Charles that will be the next heir to the throne with his son second in line (though I may be mistaken on that so do not quote me). Indeed Charles must maintain popular support for this so that his family may continue to act as the “constitutional fire extinguisher” and as a symbol of our heritage and connection with the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the other Commonwealth Realms. While not as well publicized as Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee visit, this will certainly be an important step in ensuring the survival of our monarchy here in Canada.


Welcome home your majesty, and god preserve you.


Monarchist League of Canada front page


Myths about the Monarchy



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