Worth your time or not?

Elite daily is an online “news” website that is operated by a number of young writers who all share the title of “Mellenial.” The site itself is advertisement heavy so be aware that your computer may drop in performance while browsing on the site, especially with a few tabs open. Now the reason why it warrants attention now is due to the fact that the website seems to be giving off some rather strange readings. Starting off here is the idea that it represents the entirety of Generation Y: my generation.

Let us be realistic here, any site that claims to be the voice of a generation probably harbours some sort of ideology, and Elite Daily is no different. Looking on their site, it would appear to cater towards those who are the very definition of a Mellenial: very tech savvy, curious of the world, and very good at opening their mouths before letting their brain kick in and save them from embarrassment. Sure their upbeat attitude towards life may be a welcome change at times, but their idealistic tendencies do not help with people looking to ground themselves in reality. One such example is the articles that go on and on about traveling: “book the ticket and go, NOW,” it would say, “now is better than later,” it would rumble on. Ever wonder how traveling occurs? Well dear readers it requires money, time, and energy to be able to accomplish the objectives.

Those articles paint traveling as the single most amazing experience one can – well – experience in their lifetime. However they fail to mention just how dangerous it can be when you are traveling alone and to parts of the world that is – shall we say – “less than kind” to outsiders. Even worse (and not to sound sexist) if you are alone and of the female gender, you can be a potential target as other parts of the world may not share the Western (keyword: Western) views of gender equality and so forth. While it is a crying shame that women are not respected in other parts of the world as in the West (though we are not entirely free of gender bias, and other regions do have their own variant of gender equality) such is the reality; which brings me to my next criticism of the site.

How wonderful it would be if words did in fact “move mountains” like these children say it does. Funny how articles come forth claiming: “now is the time to end this or end that,” yet does not actually take action, rather pushes it off to someone else. Newsflash kids: not everyone will accept your “ideas” and run with them. Some cultures will not budge no matter how much you cry wolf and demand change, all the while stomping your feet like the little toddlers that you are. Many of the cultures in the world – especially in the eastern world – are not so friendly to western ideas viewing them as corrupting, dangerous, or just strange in a non-hostile manner and not suitable for consumption. Saying that things like child marriages and gender equality must happen now, is like going out and ordering someone to “just get a job,” or going out into the desert and yelling: “just rain!” The world will move when it is ready to move, and not because you demand it to move. Other cultures may view your actions of demanding this and ordering them to do that as a violation of their cultural rights. Remember that unless every single nation is under the same banner, same language, and same belief system, things will not suddenly change and harmonize like you say it would. There are differences in the world: deal with it.


One has to guess that the key thing to note from this dissection of the site is that the writers are probably still learning how to “write,” and thus may not know about the sensitive nature of some of their topics. Indeed it is true that their articles focus on the whole concept of: “me first, everything else second,” but to be fair they are still young and inexperienced. Think about it, politicians, soldiers, and public sector workers are middle-aged, with only a small percentage around their mid twenties. The rest of the young adult population is busy doing other things, and focusing less on public service and so forth. The older folks – Generation Y included – may have developed a sense of responsibility and duty through either their life experience, or because they have a family to look after – parents, or their own “little monsters.” The “duty” mentality really is a unique trait, and one that only those who think about it and live by it can truly understand. Sure anyone can be brought into the service of a country, but would they do so knowing it is for a greater cause, or would they do it because they were told?

Perhaps I am being too harsh on these kids, after all they are exactly that: kids. Yet for a website that claims to be the voice of an entire generation, they must know that there are consequences to their actions. Ultimately I will continue to criticize the website and glance at it just like someone glances at a tabloid magazine while at the checkout line in the supermarket. They will continue to write their “articles” and “news” stories, as they always have. Both of us will continue to do what we do because in the end it may just boil down to this: we do it because we want to do it. Thank you for reading, and I will see you next time.


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