War Thunder Ground Forces.

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Those of you who followed my writing in the past would be pleased to hear that War Thunder Ground Forces is now live thanks to update 1.41. Earlier in the week (Monday 19 May 2014) I had a look at the War Thunder website and I was rewarded with this wonderful news! Indeed it has been nearly a year since the last update on this blog regarding War Thunder Ground Forces, and now it has finally been released; my prayers have been answered – thank you God-Emperor of mankind, your devouted servant is forever grateful (humor intended).

Jokes and a rather odd taste in language aside the Ground Forces module is quite impressive to say the least. Thus far I have only been practicing through the test driving section, but thus far the game does its part in giving a more realistic simulation of the vehicles than previous titles available. Whenever you come to a sudden halt the tank will rock, and until it stabilizes out you cannot get an accurate shot at the enemy vehicle. Piloting the German StuG during my “test run” the vehicle handled exactly as I expected a world war 2 vehicle to handle: there was a gear change sequence (though I play with simplified controls so I did not have to change gears manually), the vehicle can turn but it can also swing violently and end up going from a 90 degree turn to a 180 degree turn if you hold down either the ‘A’ key or the ‘D’ key too long (in other words fish-tailing), and finally the gun itself fires with that oh-so-good ‘thump’ as the anti-tank round flies through the air towards the enemy unit.

Thus far there are only two countries available for Ground Forces: Germany and the Soviet Union. However their vehicle trees are quite extensive, and yes people, you can pilot an AA gun platform: in case some of you out there felt scared to take on the big boys and wanted to pick the “ducks” out from the sky (humor intended).

Chances are there will be more posts related to War Thunder Ground Forces in the coming weeks and onwards: this game just re-entered my radar, and it does not show signs of leaving any time soon. Thanks for reading everyone, and I will see you next time.

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