The Coffee Break: 27 May 2014

Hello folks;


Posted on CBC earlier today is an article which talks about a report done by Tom Quiggin, a court expert on terrorism and member of the Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada, titled “The Muslim Brotherhood in North America.” According to CBC the report details how and why the Canadian government should probe the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in Canada, citing that their aim is to establish front organizations to eventually aid them in gaining political power.

According to Quiggins these front groups and affiliated groups must be probed for any signs of extremist activity, citing the need to monitor so-called charities and similar organizations who have been noted to: “repeatedly circumvent and break Canadian regulations and laws,” (CBC, 2014). The report finally suggests co-operation or information sharing with British authorities investigating the group and holding its own inquiry.

Alright well any group which decides to use the title “charity” to gain political power and undermine the Canadian government and her allies is unacceptable. The fact that this so-called “Brotherhood” aims to establish political power and undermine society in Canada and the US is already cause enough for a certain degree of concern. This report may be called a knee-jerk reaction, but understand that there are a lot of groups out there – Neo-Nazis, Anarchists, etc – who wish to see the order and peace enjoyed by millions in both countries brought down and either replaced with a radical system where their own ideology is the only ideology present, or just tear everything down completely and hope the sky will keep them safe. Being an expert in his field this report was not submitted lightly, therefore authorities should – if they have not already – begin work on observing and monitoring the Brotherhood’s activities.

Using the words “peace,” and “tolerance” does not mean they get a free pass in regards to observation and rule enforcement. Charities are not play-things for extremists to use whenever they want. Here is hoping that the Canadian government is working towards investigation and co-operation with our British counterparts. Like the commander from Ender’s Game the movie once said: “when the war is over, we can have the luxury of debating the morality of what we do.” The link to this story is located below: thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you next time.


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